Example of a Filled-in Semimonthly Bird Checklist for 2006: Laimons and Vicki Osis' Semimonthly Data Sheet B

Last Update: 23 August 2009

In Data Sheet B for 2006 below, 25 common species in Lincoln County were placed in alphabetical order by last name as they would be in a field guide index, and there were 13 blank rows for additional species below. An alphabetical listing is easier for observers to record species than a taxonomic listing, especially since the taxonomic order has changed dramatically in recent years. They also filled out a Data Sheet A that had the same instructions at the top, but all rows were blank, so that species could be written in. Data Sheets A and B remained unchanged during 1992-2008, but these data forms have been revised to record presence by "X" or an exponential abundance scale of 1-5 and were distributed in December 2008 for 2009 (see Semimonthly Data Forms to Use).

See Advantages of Semimonthly Records.

Laimons and Vicki Osis' Semimonthly Data Sheet B for 2006

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