OCTOBER 2001 EPILOGUE by Range Bayer

In November 1996, I gave the master of the following list to Kathy Angstrom of the Bureau of Land Management staff at Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area. Previously, Kathy Liska of the BLM had suggested such a list, and copies were made available to visitors who were interested.

This list has not been updated, except that I have changed names to current names.


Range D. Bayer, March 1991, Gahmken Guide No. 3

This preliminary list of 159 species includes live birds seen on or from the Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area. Dead birds on the beach are not incorporated, unless specifically noted as such.

This list is based on a cursory examination of records made through 1989, so there may be some additional species that have been seen here. A more complete listing with seasonal status' for each species is planned for the future. In the mean time, this list can serve as a guide.

This list is an update of one published in the September 1984 "Sandpiper," a publication of Yaquina Birders & Naturalists. The 1984 list (which was a compilation of records through 1981) was for 101 species, so 58 new species have been recorded here in the past eight years.

Many of these observations have been by Bureau of Land Management staff at Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area (YHONA) and Oregon State University Student Interns. Major contributors include Jim Anderson, Range Bayer, Lisa Ellingson, Rick & Jan Krabbe, Kathy Liska, and Kathy Merrifield. Other observations have also been made by members of Yaquina Birders & Naturalists.

Species are listed alphabetically for ease of use by readers.

*=rare species that appears to have 10 or less records. If a species only has about 1-2 records, the date of the sighting is given in parentheses.

Auklet, Cassin's
Auklet, Rhinoceros
Blackbird, Brewer's
*Bluebird, Western (one dead on beach on 12/24/1990)
Brant, Black
*Bunting, Lark (8/6/1969, 8/14/1977)
*Bunting, Lazuli (4/30/1978)
*Bunting, Snow (11/10/1945)
Chickadee, Black-capped
Chickadee, Chestnut-backed
*Coot, American
Cormorant, Brandt's
Cormorant, Double-crested
Cormorant, Pelagic
Cowbird, Brown-headed
*Creeper, Brown
Crow, American
*Curlew, Long-billed (4/27/1977)
*Dove, Mourning (9/23/1989)
Duck, Harlequin
Duck, Long-tailed (Oldsquaw)
Eagle, Bald
Falcon, Peregrine
Finch, House
Finch, Purple
*Finch, Rosy (3/12/1976)
Flicker, Northern
*Flycatcher, Hammond's
*Flycatcher, Olive-sided
Flycatcher, Pacific-slope
*Flycatcher, Willow
*Fulmar, Northern
Goldfinch, American
*Goldfinch, Lesser (10/8/1987)
Goose, Canada
*Goose, Emperor (6/12/1984)
Grebe, Clark's
Grebe, Eared
Grebe, Horned
Grebe, Red-necked
Grebe, Western
Grosbeak, Evening
Guillemot, Pigeon
Gull, Bonaparte's
Gull, California
Gull, Glaucous
Gull, Glaucous-winged
Gull, Heermann's
Gull, Herring
(Gull, Iceland--HYPOTHETICAL.  12/25/1977)
Gull, Mew
Gull, Ring-billed
Gull, Thayer's
Gull, Western
*Gyrfalcon (1/19 & 31/1985)
Harrier, Northern
*Hawk, Cooper's
Hawk, Red-tailed
*Hawk, Rough-legged
*Hawk, Sharp-shinned
Heron, Great Blue
*Hummingbird, Anna's
Hummingbird, Rufous
*Jaeger, Pomarine
*Jay, Gray
Jay, Steller's
Junco, Dark-eyed
Kestrel, American
*Kingbird, Western
Kingfisher, Belted
Kinglet, Golden-crowned
Kinglet, Ruby-crowned
Kittiwake, Black-legged
*Lark, Horned (10/8 & 9/1987)
*Longspur, Lapland
(Longspur, Smith's--HYPOTHETICAL.  12/25/1977).
Loon, Common
Loon, Pacific
Loon, Red-throated
Meadowlark, Western
Merganser, Red-breasted
Murre, Common
Murrelet, Ancient
Murrelet, Marbled
*Nighthawk, Common
*Nutcracker, Clark's (10/11 & 12/1975)
Nuthatch, Red-breasted
*Owl, Great Horned
*Owl, Short-eared
Oystercatcher, Black
Pelican, Brown
*Petrel, Leach's Storm-
Phalarope, Red
Phalarope, Red-necked
Pigeon, Band-tailed
*Pintail, Northern
Pipit, American
*Puffin, Horned (6/13, 20 & 21/1973)
Puffin, Tufted
*Rail, Virginia
*Raven, Common
Robin, American
Sandpiper, Rock
*Sandpiper, Spotted
Scoter, Black
Scoter, Surf
Scoter, White-winged
Shearwater, Short-tailed
Shearwater, Sooty
*Shrike, Loggerhead (3/22/1988)
Siskin, Pine
*Sparrow, Chipping (9/29/1987)
Sparrow, Fox
Sparrow, Golden-crowned
*Sparrow, House
*Sparrow, Lincoln's
Sparrow, Savannah
Sparrow, Song
Sparrow, White-crowned
Starling, European
Swallow, Barn
Swallow, Northern Rough-winged
Swallow, Violet-green
Tanager, Western
Tattler, Wandering
*Tern, Arctic
Tern, Caspian
*Thrush, Hermit
Thrush, Swainson's
Thrush, Varied
Towhee, Spotted (Rufous-sided)
Turnstone, Black
Turnstone, Ruddy
*Vireo, Hutton's
Vulture, Turkey
Warbler, Black-throated Gray
Warbler, Hermit
*Warbler, Nashville (10/23/1986)
Warbler, Orange-crowned
*Warbler, Palm
*Warbler, Townsend's
Warbler, Wilson's
*Warbler, Yellow
Warbler, Yellow-rumped
Waxwing, Cedar
Woodpecker, Downy
Woodpecker, Hairy
Wren, Bewick's
*Wren, Rock (11/13, 11/22, & 12/24/1988)
Wren, Winter
Yellowthroat, Common


Albatross, Black-footed & Laysan
Crossbill, Red
Dove, Rock
dowitcher spp.
Frigatebird, Magnificent
Godwit, Marbled
Goose, Gr. White-fronted & Snow
Grosbeak, Black-headed
Grouse, Ruffed
Gull, Franklin's, Little, & Sabine's
Jaeger, Long-tailed & Parasitic
Loon, Yellow-billed
Murre, Thick-billed
Owl, No. Pygmy-, No. Saw-whet, & Western Screech-
Petrel, Fork-tailed Storm
Pewee, Western Wood-
Plover, Black-bellied & Semipalmated
Sandpiper, Least & Western
Scaup, Greater & Lesser
Shearwater, Buller's & Pink-footed
Shrike, Northern
Skua, White-throated
Swallow, Cliff & Tree
Tern, Common, Elegant, & Forster's
Vireo, Solitary & Warbling
Warbler, MacGillivray's
Wigeon, American
Yellowlegs, Greater & Lesser
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