Menu of June-December 1995 (sections 95.73-95.126) Bird Field Notes 
             by Range Bayer from the Sandpiper (a publication 
             of Yaquina Birders & Naturalists, Lincoln County, Oregon) 
Section   Month of 
No.       Sandpiper, Volume 16
95.73     June-August 1995 
95.84     September 1995 
95.92     October 1995 
95.101    November 1995 
95.114    December 1995 

95.73                 June-August 1995 Sandpiper 

     Comments in this column about abundance or seasonality refer to 
Lincoln County only.

     Abbreviations and some Lincoln Co. site locations: Beaver 
Creek=creek flowing through Ona Beach State Park, Idaho Flats=large 
embayment just east of the MSC, MSC=Marine Science Center, 
MSC Lagoon=lagoon just north of MSC Public Parking Lot, 
Sallys Bend=large embayment east of the LNG tank at Yaquina Bay, 
Sandpiper Village=residential area west of HWY 101 and just north of 
Waldport, Thiel Creek=creek just south of the Newport Airport south of 
South Beach, Thornton Creek=creek between Toledo and Eddyville, 
YBSJ=Yaquina Bay South Jetty.
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *

95.74                LOONS-TUBENOSES

noted again this summer, with Red-throats the rarest by far, Pacifics 
very common, and Commons uncommon.

     RED-NECKED GREBES were recorded more this summer than previously.  
Our first June records were two at the YBSJ and one at Seal Rocks on 
6/11 (KM) and one near the MSC on 6/16 (TK & JS); in July, one was at 
Yaquina Head on 7/3 & 12 (BLM), near the MSC on 7/12 (EH), and at the 
YBSJ on 7/22 (CP).  These provide at least our fifth year with July 

     The first HORNED GREBE of the season was at Seal Rocks on 7/25 
(MC & PV), and the first PIED-BILLED GREBE report was of a juvenile at 
Beaver Creek on 8/13 (KM).  Pied-billeds nest in Lincoln Co.

     On the 8/20 pelagic trip off Newport, four 
10 NORTHERN FULMARS were discovered (GG).

     FORK-TAILED STORM-PETRELS were relatively frequent this 
spring--usually they are not found.  In addition to the records in 
previous Sandpipers, one was caught in a chain-link fence at Yaquina 
Head on 5/14 (BLM), and five in May and one in early June were beached 
along 4.5 miles of beach near Thiel Creek (BLo, S&DB).  Our latest 
records were one near Sallys Bend on 6/20 (JN), one about a half mile 
off Newport's Nye Beach on 6/27 (JN), and four 3-4 miles off Yaquina 
Head on 7/12 (RL & DP).  None were reported during the 8/20 pelagic 
trip off Newport (GG).
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *

95.75                PELICANS-EGRETS

     The first BROWN PELICAN was noted at Yaquina Head on 5/13 (BLM); 
they were regularly spotted moving northward along our coast 
throughout June (BLM; KM), July (JN; BLM), and August (BLM).

     Just a few years ago we discovered flocks of 
DOUBLE-CRESTED CORMORANTS flying south in late summer, apparently in 
migration.  This year flocks of 7-13 were flying south over Yaquina 
Head on 8/11, 13, & 25 (BLM) and south of Seal Rocks on 8/24 (DP). 

     SNOWY EGRETS are rare here, but one was between Criteser's 
Moorage and the Toledo mill along upper Yaquina Bay from at least 8/26 
to 8/30 (KM; CP; FS).

     The first GREAT EGRET visited Alsea Bay (MA) and Yaquina Bay (KM) 
on 7/9; six were counted at Siletz Bay on 8/25 (LO).
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *

95.76                         WATERFOWL

     A misplaced, immature TRUMPETER SWAN was repeatedly seen from as 
little as about 20 ft away at Eckman Lake from 6/8 to at least 8/21 
(DF; RL; L&LS; KM; DBa; CP).

     A few nonbreeding BLACK BRANT regularly summer.  This year one 
was at Idaho Flats on 6/25 (KM) and at Yaquina Head on 7/11 (BLM); 
four were along the ocean beach north of Sandpiper Village on 7/27 

     A late northerly migration of CANADA GEESE (probably the 
introduced Western race) continued with flights noted along the coast 
south of Waldport on 5/26 & 28 (D&BM) and at Newport (RBa) and Yaquina 
Head (RL & DP) on 6/1.

     A late male BLUE-WINGED TEAL was at Eckman Lake on 6/6 (RL)--a 
female arrived at Eckman Lake on 8/13 (DF); perhaps they nested?

     1-2 very well-described RED-BREASTED MERGANSERS were at the YBSJ 
on 7/9 & 23 (KM); 7/25 (MC & PV); 8/6 (SD; KM) and 8/22 (RK).  These 
may be our only summering female Red-breasteds with good details.  Too 
often Red-breasteds are reported in summer without awareness that they 
can be easily mistaken for summer female/immature Common's, which are 
locally abundant here in summer.  See Kaufman (1990 Am. Birds 44:1203-
1205) for a discussion of summer ID problems for these two species.

     One first-summer OLDSQUAW lingered at the HWY 101 Bridge at 
Yachats on 6/14 (L&LS).  As many as three HARLEQUIN DUCKS graced Seal 
Rocks during 7 days in July (L&LS; DP) and on 8/5 (GK); one was at 
Yaquina Head on 6/2 (RO) and 6/4 (CL & CC).

     The male MANDARIN DUCK that had been at the "Quiet Water" 
development at Yachats disappeared several weeks prior to 6/6 and 
hasn't been reported there since (BB).

     Waterfowl arrivals: flocks of 99 NORTHERN PINTAILS and 
10 GREEN-WINGED TEAL flying south of Seal Rocks on 8/16 (DP) and 
flocks of calling GR. WHITE-FRONTED GEESE migrating south over South 
Beach in darkness on 8/22 & 23 (DP).  Three flocks of 
WHITE-WINGED SCOTERS were flying south (migrating ?) on 6/24 off YBSJ 
(BLo) and on 6/30 off Yaquina Head (BLM).
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *

95.77                    RAPTORS

     As noted in the May Sandpiper, NORTHERN HARRIERS may have nested 
this year in the South Beach area.  Our summer records include one at 
the MSC Nature Trail on 6/20 (P&MD) and one at the YBSJ on 7/25 (MC & 
PV).  Additionally, KM spotted an immature with bright cinnamon 
underparts at Idaho Flats on 7/23.

     One PEREGRINE FALCON appeared at Yaquina Bay Bridge on 6/14 (PL); 
one of two adults was reported to have caught a Common Murre at Boiler 
Bay on 7/10 (fide RW); one was hunting Surfbirds at the YBSJ on 7/22 
(CP); two were at the MSC on 7/22 (JS); one adult was at the MSC on 
7/27 (PL); one was in SW Newport on 7/30 (RBa); one adult was north of 
Yaquina Head on 8/5 (CP & DF); one was near Sandpiper Village on 8/5 
(SD); and one was at Yaquina Head on 8/19 (BLM).  A report of five 
possible Peregrines flying in a flock at Yaquina Bay on 7/30 or 31 
(DO) is curious because it is rare to find even two at a time here.

     OSPREY put on a show at their South Beach State Park nest this 
summer (D&MG) and were last noted there on 8/5 (BB).

     A WHITE-TAILED KITE was near the Newport Airport on 6/8 (RL & 
DP)--did kites nest there?

     Two SHARP-SHINNED HAWKS were near Toledo on 8/26 (PR), and 
MOUNTAIN QUAIL were found in the hills near Beaver Creek in late 
August (DO).
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *

95.78                     COOT-SHOREBIRDS

     One AMERICAN COOT lingered at the MSC Lagoon on 6/26 & 28 (RL & 
DP).  A man told KM that he had seen an adult coot and young (dark 
with red down) crossing Beaver Creek Road on 7/9, but KM was unable to 
find them.  If true, this would be only the second nesting spot in 
Lincoln County for them.

     Shorebird departures updated from the May Sandpiper: COMMON SNIPE 
at south Beaver Creek on 5/11 (L&LS), BLACK-BELLIED PLOVER at Seal 
and WESTERN SANDPIPER near Sandpiper Village on 5/21 (L&LS), 
SANDERLING near Sandpiper Village on 5/26 (L&LS), and a very late 
DOWITCHER at the MSC on 6/4 (CL & CC).

     Shorebird arrivals: GREATER YELLOWLEGS at Eckman Lake on 6/25 
(RL), WESTERN SANDPIPER at Yaquina Bay on 6/26 (RL), SURFBIRD at Seal 
Rocks on 7/2 (L&LS), SANDERLING near Sandpiper Village on 7/4 (L&LS), 
and LEAST SANDPIPER near Sandpiper Village on 7/7 (L&LS), DOWITCHER 
SP. at Alsea Bay on 7/9 (KM), WANDERING TATTLER at Yaquina Head on 
7/14 (BLM), BLACK-BELLIED PLOVER at Idaho Flats on 7/17 (EH), 
RUDDY TURNSTONE near Sandpiper Village on 7/18 (L&LS; KM), 
on 7/19 (DP)--both dowitcher species were also seen the same day at 
the MSC (CL); LESSER YELLOWLEGS at Eckman Lake on 7/30 (DF), 
WANDERING TATTLER at Yaquina Bay jetties on 8/5 (JP), RED PHALAROPES 
(DF) and RED-NECKED PHALAROPES (D&MG) along the Lincoln Co. coast on 
8/11, PECTORAL SANDPIPER at Eckman Lake on 8/13 (KM), MARBLED GODWIT 
south of Seal Rocks on 8/16 (DP), and BAIRD'S SANDPIPER south of Alsea 
Bay on 8/24 (DP) and north of Newport on 8/27 (RO & MH).

     A colorbanded SNOWY PLOVER was discovered just south of Alsea Bay 
along the ocean beach on 8/24; it is a "coastie" as it hatched this 
year near the Siltcoos River (Lane Co.)(DP).
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *

95.79                    SKUA-TERNS

     During the 8/20 pelagic trip off Newport, a SOUTH POLAR SKUA, a 
were observed (GG)!

     DF found a juvenile FRANKLIN'S GULL at the YBSJ on 7/30, and it 
was confirmed the same day by CP.  It was also relocated on 8/6 (SD).

     Most summering BONAPARTE'S GULLS are in immature plumage (sans 
completely black heads); on 5/26, D&BM only saw one in breeding 
plumage along the beach south of Waldport; on 5/29, KM saw 145 in 
nonbreeding plumage at Idaho Flats; on 6/4, CL & CC spotted about 150 
at the MSC with only 10 having black heads.

     The last migrant HERRING GULLS may have been four immatures at 
Idaho Flats on 5/29 (KM), although KM saw one lingering adult at Seal 
Rocks on 7/18.  The first HEERMANN'S GULL was espied on 7/1 near 
Waldport (MA).

     Five ELEGANT TERNS (rare here), 1 ARCTIC TERN, and about 100 
COMMON TERNS were at the mouth of Alsea Bay on 8/28 (DF).

     One FORSTER'S TERN was seen from the MSC on 7/25 (MC & PV); this 
tern is rare or at least very underreported here.  MC promptly 
reported this on Oregon Birder's On-Line (OBOL), and responded via 
e-mail with details within two days of their sighting--which is the 
quickest response for a Lincoln County Review Species!

     A first-of-season CASPIAN TERN adult with a flying juvenile was 
recorded at Yaquina Head on 7/9 (BLM).
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *

95.80                      ALCIDS

     TUFTED PUFFINS were scarce this summer at Yaquina Head, but 2-3 
were there on 6/3-4 (RO; CL & CC).  The good news is that this is the 
first summer where a pair nested on the mainland (RL & DP)--the bad 
news is that this nest isn't visible from the mainland.

     The largest concentration of RHINOCEROS AUKLETS was 13 at Yaquina 
Head on 6/30 (DBa); usually only five or less were reported there this 
summer (BLM; KM).

     A very early ANCIENT MURRELET was at Yaquina Head on 7/1 (BLM); 
this equals their previous earliest date. 

     MARBLED MURRELETS were noisy in early August evenings flying 
inland near SS's Neskowin (Tillamook Co.) home.

     The first-of-season flightless COMMON MURRE chicks were seen 
leaping off Yaquina Head to swim off with their fathers on 6/28 (RL & 
DP).  At Thiel Creek, the first beached murre chick was found on 7/7; 
in July, a total of 41 adult and 227 murre chicks washed ashore (BLo, 
S&DB).  Many murres die every summer and are beached here (e.g., 1991 
Condor 93:516-525), but it is too early to say if the numbers this 
year were unusually high or low.
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *

95.81                 DOVE-FLYCATCHERS

     One MOURNING DOVE was near Parker Slough just downstream of River 
Bend in Yaquina Bay on 7/9 (KM), and two were noted along North and 
also South Yaquina Bay Road in mid-July (CP); it is unclear if they 
nested there.  They were also present at Sandpiper Village throughout 
June and July (L&LS), so they probably nested.

     Our first SPOTTED OWL report in a long while was one being mobbed 
by Steller's Jays at Drift Creek Wilderness northeast of Waldport on 
5/31 (EH).

     The year's first COMMON NIGHTHAWK was reported late: 6/12 at 
Logsden (BLl).  VAUX'S SWIFTS nested again this summer in the chimney 
of CP's Toledo home; the last report of them was on 8/22 in Newport 

     CP found a RED-NAPED SAPSUCKER nesting with a RED-BREASTED 
SAPSUCKER in the Five Rivers area of SE Lincoln Co. in early June; JS 
& TK confirmed it on 6/16.  The hybrid young fledged on 6/27 (CP).

     A PILEATED WOODPECKER nested in a large tree at Logsden on 6/8 
(BLl), and MD spotted one in north Toledo in the exact same place as 
she found one in June 1992!

     A HAIRY WOODPECKER brought young fledglings to DGi's Newport home 
on 6/5 and the deck of J&JG's Yachats home on 6/18.  A 
DOWNY WOODPECKER was near Yachats in early July (SL).

     Lincoln County's third SCISSOR-TAILED FLYCATCHER was discovered 
at Yaquina Head on 5/29 & 30 (BLM); it was photographed and details 
were sent to the Oregon Bird Records Committee, so that it may provide 
one of the few Oregon records of this species.

     DF heard what he identified as a CORDILLERAN FLYCATCHER south of 
Waldport on 6/19; this species is supposed to be east of the Cascades.
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *

95.82              MARTINS-THRUSHES

     A pair of PURPLE MARTINS nested at Siletz Bay near Kernville on 
6/16 (JS & TK), several were near Waldport in mid-June (L&LS) and on 
7/3 (DF) and 7/14 (MA), and they were last reported at the MSC on 8/29 
(RO).  EH put up some martin boxes on the north side of the MSC a 
couple of years ago--it appears to have paid off as four pairs nested 
in them.  It is unclear if the ODFW boxes put up along the MSC Nature 
Trail were used this year--maybe next year.

     NORTHERN ROUGH-WINGED SWALLOWS were rarely reported.  L&LS noted 
them at Eckman Lake on four days in June and July, and KM found 1-2 at 
Yachats on 7/16.

     The eastern BLUE JAY was last reported by VO at Thiel Creek on 

     BUSHTITS were noted near Tidewater (Alsea River) in early June 
(DOl), at South Beach State Park on 6/17 (RBr), and at Sandpiper 
Village on 8/13 (JGr).

     The distribution of the nesting of HERMIT THRUSHES in the Coast 
Range is unclear because birders can confuse the calls of Hermits with 
Swainson's Thrushes.  However, on 6/7, CP found Hermits along with 
VARIED THRUSHES and Swainson's on top of Grass Mt. (Benton Co.), about 
19 mi east of Waldport.
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *

95.83                VIREO-HOUSE FINCH

     A SOLITARY VIREO that was possibly of the eastern race was at 
Thornton Creek on 8/26 (DF).  Our only YELLOW WARBLER report was for 
one near mouth of D River, Lincoln City on 6/4 (AC).  WESTERN TANAGERS 
graced SG's Newport home several times in early July and J&ST's Seal 
Rocks home in mid-August.

     DARK-EYED JUNCOS nest at some locations here but are migratory 
elsewhere; the first returned to D&MG's residence at Lost Creek north 
of Ona Beach on 8/18.

     At their home south of Waldport, D&BM noted a menage a trois 
among a female and two male HOUSE FINCHES.  DM writes: "For long 
intervals of time they were on the wing flying in close formation and 
twittering excitedly.  Occasionally they came to rest and to feed at 
our feeders.  Then it was apparent that one male and the female were 
quite comfortable with each other.  The male was alert to attempts by 
the second male to intrude and generally acted to frustrate these 
attempts.  Whenever the second male slipped by the guard, the female 
would take off again with both males close behind."

     OBSERVERS.--Mike Adam, BLM (Bureau of Land Management staff at 
Yaquina Head), Betty Bahn, David Bailey (DBa), Range Bayer (RBa), 
Roy Brown (RBr), Sara & Don Brown, Catharina Coenen, Alan Contreras, 
Marcia Cutler, Pat & Meagan Dickey, Steve Dowlan, Darrel Faxon, 
Jim & Janice Gerdemann, David & Marge Gilbert, Don Giles (DGi), 
Greg Gillson, Steve Gobat, Jill Grover (JGr), Eric Horvath, 
Marcia House, Ted Kenefick, Georges Kleinbaum, Ray Korpi, Pete Lawson, 
Bob Llewellyn (BLl), Sally Lockyear, Bob Loeffel (BLo), Roy Lowe, 
Chris Lundberg, Kathy Merrifield, Dawson & Bobbi Mohler, John Neiger, 
Dorothy Olson (DOl), Robert Olson, Dane, Laimons, & Vicki Osis; 
John Pendleton, Chuck Philo, Dave Pitkin, Paul Reed, Floyd Schrock, 
Shirley Schwartz, Lloyd & Luella Seabury, Jamie Simmons, 
Jim & Shirley Thielen, Paula Vanderheul, Rob Whipple, and Orr Wieman.

95.84                   September 1995 Sandpiper 

     Comments in this column about abundance or seasonality refer to 
Lincoln County only.

     Abbreviations and some Lincoln Co. site locations: Beaver 
Creek=creek flowing through Ona Beach State Park, Idaho Flats=large 
embayment just east of the MSC, MSC=Marine Science Center, Sandpiper 
Village=residential area west of HWY 101 and just north of Waldport, 
Thiel Creek=creek just south of the Newport Airport south of South 
Beach, Thornton Creek=creek between Toledo and Eddyville, YBSJ=Yaquina 
Bay South Jetty.
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *

95.85              SHEARWATERS-WATERFOWL

     This summer few observers have apparently looked for shearwaters 
from land; however, on 9/10, SD saw a SOOTY SHEARWATER near the YBSJ 
and could see more out over the surfline.

     The rare SNOWY EGRET reported last month along Yaquina Estuary 
between Criteser's Moorage and the Toledo Mill has continued to be 
seen by many observers (JS; MC & PV; AF; RH & HH) and was last 
reported on 9/23 (SD).  

     The rare TRUMPETER SWAN at Eckman Lake has put on quite a show 
(JS; RH & HH; L&LS; KM; SD) and was last noted on 9/26 (RL).

     Some days, a lot of stuff passes through.  On 9/3, at least 
11 flocks of ducks or geese flew south past Yaquina Head; some flew in 
lines, others in V's with as many as about 200 birds/flock (BLM).  On 
9/2, 3, & 4; RL spotted WESTERN CANADA GOOSE flocks flying south at 
sunrise past his Eckman Lake home.

     Fall waterfowl arrivals (all at Eckman Lake) include: 
on 9/4 (KM), and GADWALL on 9/14 (RL).

     A female BLUE-WINGED TEAL with a brood of seven half-grown young 
that were likely not yet able to fly graced the Lincoln City Sewage 
Ponds on 8/29 (DF).  This may be our best record for their nesting in 
Lincoln County, although we have had reports in other years of 
Cinnamon Teal and possibly Blue-wings nesting near Logsden.  A male 
Blue-winged and a pair of CINNAMON TEAL were at Eckman Lake on 9/3 
(AF), and two Blue-wings were also there on 9/20 (DF).

     L&LS found 1-4 HARLEQUIN DUCKS at Seal Rocks during six days in 
August.  On 9/7 & 8, DP found two color-banded females at Seal 
Rocks--both had been banded as hatch-year birds in Glacier National 
Park, Montana!  Thus, while some nest in Tillamook County, these and 
the female that LO found at the YBSJ on 3/6 and that was watched until 
3/14 by RL & DP have come from Montana!  Keep your eyes open for more 
color-banded Harlequins!
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *

95.86                RAPTORS-COOT

     One WHITE-TAILED KITE was detected at Idaho Flats on 9/14 (RL & 
DP).  Our first fall MERLIN was at Siletz Bay on 9/3 (RG, fide BT), 
and a PEREGRINE FALCON visited Seal Rocks on 8/17 (L&LS).

     An OSPREY was stilling carrying a fish inland near the YBSJ on 
9/2 (MC & PV).  Another Osprey was chasing a BALD EAGLE near Seal 
Rocks on 9/17 (ST).

     MOUNTAIN QUAIL are under-reported but a covey was inland near 
Carmel Knoll, NE of Yaquina Head, on 9/17 (CP).  CP notes that this 
appears to have been a good year for them as he has seen them at 
several places, and BSl has also noted several coveys near Yachats.

     The first fall AMERICAN COOT visited Eckman Lake on 8/23 (L&LS).
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *

95.87                   SHOREBIRDS

     A rare SEMIPALMATED SANDPIPER in juvenile plumage appeared at 
Tokyo Slough (near Toledo), Yaquina Estuary on 8/29 (DF).

     A juvenile Red Knot was revealed at YBSJ on 8/28 (EH).  A MARBLED 
GODWIT and four Red Knots were at Seal Rocks on 9/3 (AF); the same day 
two Marbleds and a Red Knot were also at Siletz Bay (RG, fide BT), and 
a Marbled was south of Seal Rocks on 9/26 (DP).  

     RUDDY TURNSTONES were between Seal Rocks and Sandpiper Village 
during six days in August (L&LS) and on 8/25 (EH) and 9/3 (AF).

     Shorebird arrivals: two WILLETS at Idaho Flats on 8/14 (EH) and a 
COMMON SNIPE at Zeek's Marsh near the mouth of Beaver Creek on 9/4 

     Six BAIRD'S SANDPIPERS were watched between Seal Rocks and Alsea 
Bay mouth on 9/20 (RL), and four were heeded at Sandpiper Village on 
9/23 (SD).

     EH discovered a color-banded WESTERN SANDPIPER near Seal Rocks on 

     The island/sand bar at the south end of Eckman Lake has been good 
for shorebirds with two PECTORAL SANDPIPERS on 9/7 (RH & HH) and 

     Our latest report of a SHORT-BILLED DOWITCHER was one heard at 
Idaho Flats on 9/7 (RH & HH).
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *

95.88                      JAEGER-TERNS

     September is a good time to look for jaegers harassing terns at 
the mouths of our estuaries.  On 9/5, DF spotted two POMARINE JAEGERS 
hassling Common Terns and Arctic Terns at the mouth of Alsea Bay.

     In past falls, loose flocks of flying gulls milling around 
catching mating swarms of flying insects in mid- to late September 
have often been noted.  This year, RL saw such flocks at the MSC on 
9/18 & 19 and at Alsea Bay on 9/10.  The MSC flocks included 
flocks occur on warm days after most of the insectivorous birds such 
as swallows and flycatchers have headed south.

     Our first fall MEW GULL report was for the Sandpiper Village 
beach on 8/18 (L&LS).

     ELEGANT TERNS were reported in last month's Sandpiper, and two 
were also at YBSJ on 8/26 (AF).

     COMMON TERNS were in evidence at the Alsea Bay mouth, where 55 
were counted on 9/4 (KM), 50 visited on 9/5 (DF) and 26 were flying in 
a tight flock on 9/7 (RH & HH); six were at YBSJ on 9/16 (LO).

     One ARCTIC TERN was noted at the Alsea Bay mouth on 9/5 (DF), and 
2 flew over Idaho Flats on 9/10 (SD).

     Our last report of CASPIAN TERNS was of two at Idaho Flats on 
9/23 that were still begging (SD)!
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *

95.89                    ALCIDS-OWLS

     It has not been an extraordinary year for COMMON MURRES washing 
ashore like they customarily do each summer here.  The 54 adults and 
292 chicks found beached along 4.5 mi of beach near Thiel Creek from 
June-August (BL, S&DB) are slightly below their 1978-1990 
June-September averages (1991 Condor 93:518).  The low number of 
chicks this summer is hard to interpret because it may either mean 
that murre nesting success was good with fewer dying or that their 
nesting success was low with fewer hatching and surviving to fledging, 
so that fewer could die at sea.  This is a case where beached bird 
data, alone, are insufficient to monitor nesting success.  

     KM counted 124 MARBLED MURRELETS at Seal Rocks and Yachats on 
8/27, and two were viewed at Yaquina Head on 9/2 (MC & PV).

     On 8/27, KM spotted eight RHINOCEROS AUKLETS at Yachats with one 
still having the breeding season "horn" on its bill.  A Rhino near the 
Embarcadero in Yaquina Bay on 9/10 (SD) is noteworthy for being so far 
inland (about 1.25 mi).  

     DF discerned about 200 BAND-TAILED PIGEONS feeding on cascara 
(chitum) fruit at Thornton Creek on 9/19 and writes that this is the 
most that he has seen there in recent years.

     MOURNING DOVES continued to haunt Sandpiper Village through 
August (L&LS).

     BARN OWLS are uncommonly noted, but EH found one at Cascade Head 
Ranch (Tillamook Co.) on 8/27 & 28.
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *

95.90               NIGHTHAWK-PIPIT

     On 8/2, EH espied a COMMON NIGHTHAWK nest on top of Table Mt. NE 
of Waldport with two downy young and a parent giving the broken wing 
distraction display.

     The last VAUX'S SWIFTS reported were 3-4 over RL's Eckman Lake 
home on 9/3, and the first male ANNA'S HUMMINGBIRD returned to Yachats 
on 9/25 (BSl).

     On 9/11, NM saw about a dozen, and the next day DP & RL noted 
about six HORNED LARKS near the new USFWS building at the MSC.  This 
species is rare here.

     The last PURPLE MARTINS were noted on 9/3, flying over EH's South 
Beach home.

     AMERICAN PIPITS have put in a good showing within about a quarter 
mile of the coastline in early (9/3) to late September at Yaquina Head 
(maximum of about 15)(BLM), between Seal Rocks and Waldport (maximum 
of 16)(DP; RL), and along the beach at Sandpiper Village on 9/23 (at 
least 100)(SD).
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *

95.91              THRUSHES-SPARROWS

     AMERICAN ROBINS appear to be partially migratory here, but it is 
not clear if a large, noisy flock of adults and juveniles flying 
around north Toledo on 9/15 (P&MD) were migrating or not.

     50 or more CEDAR WAXWINGS were often flying around north Toledo 
on 9/10-14, but fewer were seen thereafter (P&MD).

     A NASHVILLE WARBLER was west of Toledo on 9/3 (RG, fide BT).  Our 
Toledo on 9/14 and 9/16, respectively (P&MD).  The season's first 
TOWNSEND'S WARBLER arrived in north Toledo on 9/14 (P&MD).

     A BLACK-HEADED GROSBEAK was a window casualty at Tidewater in 
early September (DO).

     Our first fall FOX SPARROW was inland near Carmel Knoll on 9/17 
(CP).  DARK-EYED JUNCOS do not nest throughout the county, but they 
nested at J&DC's home in north Toledo this summer.

     OBSERVERS.--BLM (Bureau of Land Management Staff at Yaquina 
Head), Sara & Don Brown, Jess & Doris Crabtree, Marcia Cutler, 
Pat & Meagan Dickey, Steve Dowlan, Darrel Faxon, Anthony Floyd, 
Roy Gerig, Hendrik Herlyn, Eric Horvath, Rich Hoyer Jr., 
Sally Lockyear, Bob Loeffel, Roy Lowe, Kathy Merrifield, 
Nancy Morrissey, Dorothy Olson, Laimons Osis, Chuck Philo, 
Dave Pitkin, Lloyd & Luella Seabury, Jamie Simmons, 
Betty Slauson (BSL), Shirley Thielen, Bill Tice, and Paula Vanderheul.

95.92                 October 1995 Sandpiper 

     Comments in this column about abundance or seasonality refer to 
Lincoln County only.

     Abbreviations and some Lincoln Co. site locations: Beaver 
Creek=creek flowing through Ona Beach State Park, Eckman Lake=man-made 
lake just east of Waldport along HWY 34, Idaho Flats=large embayment 
just east of the MSC, MSC=Marine Science Center, Ona Beach State 
Park=park halfway between Newport and Waldport along HWY 101, Sallys 
Bend=large embayment east of the LNG tank at Yaquina Bay, Sandpiper 
Village=residential area west of HWY 101 and just north of Waldport, 
Thiel Creek=creek just south of the Newport Airport south of South 
Beach, Thornton Creek=creek between Toledo and Eddyville, YBSJ=Yaquina 
Bay South Jetty.
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *

95.93                 GREBE-HERONS

     An EARED GREBE visited the YBSJ where they are rare on 10/21 

     During the 10/7 pelagic trip from Newport, 
about 30-52 miles offshore (GG & MH et al.).

     Perhaps the last GREEN HERONS to be reported this year were at 
Eckman Lake on 9/30 (SL) and near Five Rivers in SE Lincoln County on 
10/10 (CP).
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *

95.94                        SWAN

     The TRUMPETER SWAN continues to linger at Eckman Lake (SL; BC; 
MC; RL; L&LS; KM) through at least 10/21 (BSl).  It is hanging around 
with the domestic geese and ducks and taming down--on 10/8, RL had to 
take care to drive around it as it was on the road!  

     Maybe it is having an identity crisis.  Remember the story about 
the Ugly Duckling that turned into a beautiful swan?  Perhaps this 
swan that hangs around with domestic waterfowl is regressing and 
wishes it was an Ugly Duckling again, so it could fit in . . .
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *

95.95                  OTHER WATERFOWL

     Several flocks of WHITE-FRONTED GEESE flew over South Beach 
during the early morning of 9/28 and 10/3 (DP).

     A flock of 32 CACKLING CANADA GEESE appeared to make their 
land-fall at SW Newport on 10/27 (RB); the flock flew inland over the 
YBSJ and then eastward over the MSC a few minutes later (DP).  Too bad 
that we didn't have an observer on a boat to first spot the flock and 
another observer on a ridge east of Toledo to see if the flock 
migrated eastward across the Lincoln Co. Coast Range as they appear to 
have done in other falls (1995 Oregon Birds 21:10-12).

     Arriving ducks: EURASIAN WIGEON at Idaho Flats on 10/1 (KM), 
at Eckman Lake on 10/15 (KM), and RUDDY DUCK at Yaquina Bay on 10/20 

     On 10/11, 15, & 16, DF did some seawatches at Waldport and saw 
flocks of 30-250 SURF SCOTERS flying south in loose V-formations about 
once every five minutes.  On 10/15, KM also saw flocks of 90 and 
200 scoters flying south past Yaquina Head; the first flock was about 
50% Surfs, 25% WHITE-WINGED SCOTERS, and 25% BLACK SCOTERS; the second 
flock was about 70% Surfs and 30% White-wings.

     As many as five HARLEQUIN DUCKS promenaded at Seal Rocks during 
six days in September (L&LS); two were at Seal Rocks on 10/7 (MC), one 
was at YBSJ on 10/21 (EH; PR), and three males and a female were at 
the YBSJ on 10/15 (KM).

     HOODED MERGANSERS often become more numerous and common here in 
fall, especially at Eckman Lake, and this year is no exception.  On 
10/7, MC remarked that she had never before seen them at so many 
Lincoln County locations.

     KM used bill shape and nostril position to identify 
36 female-type COMMON MERGANSERS at Idaho Flats and one female 
RED-BREASTED MERGANSER at Sallys Bend on 10/1 and three female-type 
Commons at Idaho Flats on 10/15.  In the next few weeks, Red-breasteds 
(especially males) should be arriving in numbers.
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *

95.96                   RAPTORS

     A WHITE-TAILED KITE continues to frequent the South Beach area 
with one hunting the MSC on 10/2 (DP).

     A brown (female or immature male) NORTHERN HARRIER was at Idaho 
Flats on 10/5 (DP).  In the past at South Beach, only four of 26 
harriers in fall and winter were adult males (which are gray), but 
near Logsden, BLl has seen relatively more adult males.

     The latest report of an OSPREY was 10/23 over Thiel Creek (RL).  
Last winter, one lingered in the Newport area--will one do so this 

     A MERLIN flew by RB's Newport apartment twice the morning of 

     One PEREGRINE FALCON scouted Idaho Flats on 10/21 (AF).  On 
10/22, PS saw a light-phase adult Peregrine at Yaquina Head perch for 
20 minutes before flying out over the ocean, where it pursued and 
caught a lone, flying scoter that was flying too high to dive.  PS 
writes: "They tumbled together briefly, then the [Peregrine] started 
back carrying the disabled prey.  As it came in, it kept losing 
altitude; its cargo was not very aerodynamic.  Finally the falcon had 
to drop the duck in the sea.  It came on in without looking back." 
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *

95.97                   QUAIL-JAEGERS

     MOUNTAIN QUAIL were at Yachats on 10/21 (BSl), and two 
CALIFORNIA QUAIL visited Salishan south of Lincoln City on 10/23 (RE).

     A RUFFED GROUSE was drumming at Beaver Creek in mid-October (LO).
Anyone else heard them drumming in fall?

     Our only rail or Sora report was for a VIRGINIA RAIL at Five 
Rivers on 10/10 (CP).

     An AMERICAN GOLDEN-PLOVER strode the Sandpiper Village beach on 
9/2 (L&LS).  A RED KNOT was spotted at Siletz Bay on 10/8 (PS), and a 
juvenile was discovered at Idaho Flats on 10/21 (EH).

     A WILLET was at Idaho Flats on 10/21 (EH).  Five MARBLED GODWITS 
were at Siletz Bay on 10/8 (fide HN), and two were on the beach south 
of the YBSJ on 10/22 (PS & JM).

     An unhealthy LONG-BILLED DOWITCHER dropped down in SS's Neskowin 
(Tillamook Co.) yard on 10/29.

     Last reports: RUDDY TURNSTONE at Seal Rocks on 9/4 (L&LS), 
at Eckman Lake on 10/15 (KM).

     Sometimes up to 50 BLACK OYSTERCATCHERS will flock in winter 
along our coast, but the most reported so far this fall were four at 
Boiler Bay on 10/8 (BC) and 22 on a headland near Devil's Punchbowl 
(Otter Rock) on 10/22 (PS & JM).

     Nine unidentified jaegers, one LONG-TAILED JAEGER, and 16 
POMARINE JAEGERS were noted during the 10/7 pelagic trip from Newport 
about 30-52 miles offshore (GG & MH et al.).
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *

95.98                          GULLS

     On 10/1, KM counted 410 CALIFORNIA GULLS at Idaho Flats.

     AF spent some time sorting through the gulls on 10/21 and found 
eight species at the Yachats River mouth, including 
two THAYER'S GULLS.  The same day at Idaho Flats, he found 10 gull 
species, including 860 Ring-bills, 540 Californias, 450 Herring Gulls, 
7 Thayer's Gulls, and the season's first juvenile GLAUCOUS GULL; the 
remaining species were HEERMANN'S GULL, GLAUCOUS-WINGED GULL, 

     During the 10/7 pelagic trip from Newport, 88 California Gulls 
were counted about 30-52 miles offshore (GG & MH et al.), so they were 
not just numerous onshore.  

     The abundance of Californias during these observations fits in 
with their migratory peak as KM found maximum abundances of 
Californias at Ona Beach and Yachats in October, but peaks for 
Ring-bills at these two beaches were not well-defined (1994 NW 
Naturalist 75:24-29).

     On 10/11, DF saw a tight flock of 47 HEERMANN'S GULLS about two 
miles south of Waldport; that is a large concentration for them.
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *

95.99                ALCIDS-SAPSUCKERS

     COMMON MURRE mortalities tailed off in September with six adults 
and six juveniles found along 4.5 mi of beach at Thiel Creek in 
September, along with one MARBLED MURRELET (BLo and S&DB).

     Ten PIGEON GUILLEMOTS at Yaquina Head on 10/15 (KM) is a large 
fall number for this species that used to be considered very rare here 
in winter.

     Two XANTUS' MURRELETS were detected during the 10/7 pelagic trip 
out of Newport at about 40 miles from shore in 200 fathoms of water 
(GG & MH et al.).

     Late RHINOCEROS AUKLETS were singletons at Yaquina Head on 10/15 
(KM) and at Boiler Bay on 10/22 (PS & JM).  And our latest 
MOURNING DOVE was at Sandpiper Village on 9/5 (L&LS).

     At some lowland sites, RED-BREASTED SAPSUCKERS are absent in 
summer and arrive in fall.  One was at Beaver Creek on 10/19 (LO), and 
another first arrived the same day at Lost Creek, two miles north of 
Ona Beach (D&MG).
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *

95.100             JAYS-GOLDFINCHES

     A few GRAY JAYS move into the lowlands in fall and winter; three 
were at BSl's Yachats home on 10/21, and DF noted some near his 
Thornton Creek home from late August through early October.

     The first HERMIT THRUSH of the fall was at Ona Beach on 10/7 (MC) 
and another was also seen at Beaver Creek a few days later (LO).

     10 AMERICAN PIPITS at Yachats on 10/19 (BSl) are our latest 
report, but a few often linger into November and occasionally even 
into December.

     A BLACK-THROATED GRAY WARBLER at Beaver Creek on 10/21 (PR) is 
about a week later than our previous latest record for them.

     Two PALM WARBLERS visited Nelscott (Lincoln City) on 9/24 (fide 
HN), two were also at the YBSJ on 10/2 (fide HN), and one was at the 
MSC on 10/21 (AF).

     The first WESTERN MEADOWLARK of fall returned to the YBSJ on 10/1 

     Frustrated by Steller's Jays emptying their Lost Creek feeders, 
D&MG set up a "finch" feeder, which only dispenses thistle seed from 
tiny slots.  The jays leave it alone and a week after setting it up 
AMERICAN GOLDFINCHES discovered it, with up to ten visiting daily.  
D&MG note that thistle seed is expensive but seems to last a long 

     OBSERVERS.--Range Bayer, Sara & Don Brown, Barbara Combs, 
Marcia Cutler, Raylene Erickson, Darrel Faxon, Anthony Floyd, 
David & Margaret Gilbert, Greg Gillson, Eric Horvath, Matt Hunter, 
Bob Llewellyn (BLl), Sally Lockyear, Bob Loeffel (BLo), Roy Lowe, 
Judy Meredith, Kathy Merrifield, Harry Nehls, Laimons Osis, 
Chuck Philo, Dave Pitkin, Paul Reed, Shirley Schwartz,
Lloyd & Luella Seabury, Betty Slauson (BSl), and Paul Sullivan.

95.101               November 1995 Sandpiper 

     Comments in this column about abundance or seasonality refer to 
Lincoln County only.

     Abbreviations and some Lincoln Co. site locations: Bayview 
Pasture=field east of junction of Beaver Creek Road and North Alsea 
Bay Road, Beaver Creek=creek flowing through Ona Beach State Park, 
Eckman Lake=man-made lake just east of Waldport along HWY 34, Eckman 
Slough=slough between Alsea Bay and Eckman Lake, Hidden Valley=valley 
with freshwater sloughs draining into Yaquina Estuary between Newport 
and Toledo, Idaho Flats=large embayment just east of the MSC, Idaho 
Slough=freshwater slough south of Idaho Point Road at the SW corner of 
Idaho Flats, MSC=Marine Science Center, MSC Lagoon=lagoon just north 
of MSC Public Parking Lot, Sallys Bend=large embayment east of the LNG 
tank at Yaquina Bay, Sandpiper Village=residential area west of HWY 
101 and just north of Waldport, Thiel Creek=creek just south of the 
Newport Airport south of South Beach, Thornton Creek=creek between 
Toledo and Eddyville, and YBSJ=Yaquina Bay South Jetty.
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *

95.102                 ON-LINE BIRD FIELD NOTES

     This month marks the first anniversary of this field notes column 
being available through Oregon Birders On-Line (OBOL), an e-mail 
discussion group.  Previously, we shared our field notes with YB&N 
nonmembers outside of Lincoln County by donating copies of the 
Sandpiper to field note editors for Oregon Birds, American Birds, and 
Portland Audubon.  

     Posting the field notes "on-line" has led to several changes.  
One is that we are now getting field notes through OBOL from about 
3-8 birders each month who are not YB&N members and who would before 
either not send any notes at all or wouldn't send them until months or 
years later.  This new source of field notes makes it possible to have 
a much more comprehensive field notes column each month than was 
previously imaginable.  These additional observers have also increased 
the total number of monthly contributors regularly to 30 or more, with 
as many as 57 in the June-August 1995 Sandpiper.

     A second change is that the potential readership for our field 
notes has approximately doubled.  YB&N has approximately 150 members, 
and, a few weeks ago, OBOL had 217 subscribers.  Of course, not 
everyone that receives a paper or e-mail copy reads the field notes, 
but the potential is there.  While there could be some concern that 
YB&N may lose some members because some people may just want to see 
the field notes on-line for free, this doesn't appear to be a problem 
because I know of only seven YB&N members who also subscribe to OBOL.  
I suspect that we won't lose many members because only our field notes 
are posted on-line, and members are also interested in the other local 
items and activities in the Sandpiper.

     The third change is that going on-line has led to Lucy Biggs 
graciously placing our field notes onto the WWW OBOL Home Page, so 
back columns are now available for reference to a much greater 
audience.  Before, only the Marine Science Center Library had back 
copies, although they weren't catalogued.

     Lastly, recognizing that our field notes audience now extends far 
beyond Lincoln County, I have tried to be more descriptive about the 
locations of sightings.  Doing so has had the side benefit of also 
helping YB&N members who are new residents of Lincoln County to locate 
birding sites.

     All in all, going on-line with this field notes column has been a 
worthwhile learning experience.  Doing so has not been onerous because 
posting the field notes on-line is easier and takes less time (about 
25 minutes) than printing and distributing the Sandpiper (several 
hours).  While print copies will always be useful, electronic copies 
allow additional people today (and in the future) read about what we 
have seen.
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *

95.103               GREBE-TUBENOSES

      The only EARED GREBE report was for one at Sallys Bend on 11/19 

     During the 11/4 pelagic trip out of Newport, 51 NORTHERN FULMARS, 

     Boiler Bay is a good place to see pelagic birds from shore.  On 
11/11, DF saw 4-5 fulmars at a time, and TS saw two fulmars, 
10 Sooties, and a Short-tailed.  On 11/18, TK saw a Sooty there.  

     A few shearwaters were also seen flying near the Lincoln City 
surfline on 11/24 (FS) and near Nye Beach (Newport) along with a 

     But tubenoses are not immortal; during October along 4.5 mi of 
beach near Thiel Creek, BLo and S&DB found six fulmars, one Sooty 
Shearwater, and one FORK-TAILED STORM-PETREL.  
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *

95.104              PELICANS-EGRETS

     On 11/16, JC spotted two large white birds with black in the 
primaries and secondaries of their wings flying over his Toledo home.  
He noted that they seemed much larger than Snow Geese, so they were 
probably AMERICAN WHITE PELICANS.  This is only our third report of 
this species.

     A flock of 325 DOUBLE-CRESTED CORMORANTS flew south past Yaquina 
Head on 10/29; about 80% were immatures (KM).  Also, four flocks with 
as many as 60 Double-crests were flying south past Newport in apparent 
migration during 10/30-11/19 (RB).  At first, I thought that they were 
late, but in looking back at last year's Sandpiper, these flocks are 
about right on time.  These flocks could be very easily mistaken for 
geese on first glance.

     On 11/5, GL, JG, and TK spotted a SNOWY EGRET on the oyster rafts 
at Oregon Oyster along Yaquina Estuary between Newport and Toledo; 
this is presumably the same one that had been seen about a month 
earlier closer to Toledo.

     Our first CATTLE EGRET this fall was reported near Bayview 
Pasture on 11/9 (fide HN), and another was about a mile north of 
Boiler Bay on 11/18 (RK).

     I have read that herons and egrets are sometimes fed by fishermen 
in Florida.  A GREAT EGRET near people on the Embarcadero dock in 
Newport during the YB&N 11/19 field trip appeared tame enough to be 
able to approach people for food.  But we didn't see if this actually 
happened or not.
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *

95.105                       CANADA GEESE 

     Since the ODFW's release of CANADA GEESE along the Oregon Coast, 
they have become common at our estuaries, Devils Lake, and Eckman 
Lake.  But they are normally absent at Beaver Creek, so a flock of 
40 there on 11/5 (LO) is noteworthy.

     Canada Geese sometimes cross the Lincoln County Coast Range 
during migration (1995 Oregon Birds 21:10-12), and this can lead to 
their flying in unexpected directions.  For instance, we anticipate 
that migrating geese will fly south this time of year, but DF spotted 
four flocks with a total of about 700-800 Canada Geese flying 
north-northeast over Thornton Creek during 10/25-28.

     More to be expected, flocks of 100-150 geese that were probably 
Canada's were flying south just off Waldport on 10/17 & 28 (D&BM).
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *

95.106                       BLACK BRANT

     Although one BLACK BRANT that may have oversummered was noted at 
Yaquina Head on 10/9, the first sign of their fall migration was eight 
at Yaquina Head on 10/20 (BLM), which is a couple of days before our 
earliest arrivals in other years.  At Yaquina Bay, 12 were first 
reported on 11/4 (MH), and Idaho Flats hosted 67 on 11/12 and 175 on 
11/21 (DP).  

     As of 11/21, DP has been using a 20X telescope along the MSC 
Nature Trail to read the leg band numbers for 20 different Brant.  He 
is hoping to be able to discover how long they will remain.  If you 
read any Brant bands, please call Dave, a USFWS Biologist, at 
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *

95.107                OTHER WATERFOWL

     MA saw a flock of 13 TUNDRA SWANS, the first of the season, 
flying over Alsea Bay on 11/1.

     The TRUMPETER SWAN at Eckman Lake was often spotted this month 
(SL; TS; BSl; PV; RL; L&LS) with the last report on 11/24 (FS).  Also 
at Eckman Lake, a GR. WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE was lingering on 10/31 and 
11/14 (RL).

     As many as three EURASIAN WIGEON were noted at Eckman Lake on 
11/3 (DMi) and 11/13 (SL); and a hybrid American X Eurasian Wigeon was 
at Idaho Flats on 10/29 (KM) and at Bayview Pasture on 11/11 (TS).

     At Seal Rocks, L&LS spotted as many as 10 male and four female 
HARLEQUIN DUCKS during 10 days in October, KM found four on 10/29, and 
DP counted nine on 11/12.  At YBSJ, there were two on 11/4 (MH), five 
on 11/12 (RH, AC, and HH), six on 11/18 (RK), and three on 11/19 (KM).

     Mixed species flocks of BLACK SCOTERS, SURF SCOTERS, and 
WHITE-WINGED SCOTERS continued to pass southwards past Yaquina Head on 
10/29 (KM).

     Fall waterfowl arrivals include RUDDY DUCK at Eckman Lake on 10/5 
(L&LS), two OLDSQUAWS migrating past Yaquina Head on 11/5 (GL, JG, and 
TK), and COMMON GOLDENEYE and 22 REDHEADS at Sallys Bend on 11/19 
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *

95.108                RAPTORS-GROUSE

     ROUGH-LEGGED HAWKS have been rarely reported here in recent 
years, but CP discovered one near the town of Siletz on 11/12.  CP 
(fide BT) also spotted a rare RED-SHOULDERED HAWK on 11/23 & 24 at 
Hidden Valley.

     We had just one WHITE-TAILED KITE; it was near Newport Airport on 
11/6 (BLl).

     A brown NORTHERN HARRIER hunted the MSC area on 10/29 (KM), 
11/3 (DP), and 11/15 (NM).

     Our only recent NORTHERN GOSHAWK was at Thornton Creek on 11/9 
(DF), but a COOPER'S HAWK or SHARP-SHINNED HAWK has regularly been 
eyeing LO's aviary at Beaver Creek in mid-November.  A Sharp-shin was 
at the MSC on 11/21 (DP).

     Last raptor reports include TURKEY VULTURE in mid-Lincoln County 
on 10/6 (L&LS) and an OSPREY three miles up the Yachats River on 10/23 

     A pair of adult BALD EAGLES in a snag south of Sallys Bend during 
the 11/19 YB&N field trip was perched so close together that we first 
thought that there was only one!

     BLl and C&DH were lucky to be able to use a spotting scope to 
study a MERLIN eating its prey in a tree outside of C&DH's Newport 
home on 11/4.  Singletons were at Yaquina Head on 10/9 & 21 (BLM).

     A juvenile PEREGRINE FALCON visited the Newport Bayfront on 
11/20 (PL) and a banded immature bathed in a puddle at the YBSJ 
on 11/24 (FS).  A Peregrine was also recorded at Yaquina Head during 
four days in October (BLM).

     A MOUNTAIN QUAIL was in an apple tree at Logsden on 11/7 (BLl), 
and they were also near Yachats this month (BSl).  A RUFFED GROUSE was 
busy feeding on LO's holly berries at Beaver Creek in mid-November.
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *

95.109                SHOREBIRD HIGH TIDE ROOSTS

     GG notes that many shorebirds are coming up to Drift Creek 
Meadows by Gorton Road (Lincoln City) at high tide with at least 
35 BLACK-BELLIED PLOVERS and a couple hundred peeps on 11/5.  This was 
the location where the Mountain Plover was discovered in February 
1983, and this site appears to be the main high tide shorebird 
roosting area at Siletz Bay.

     On 11/11, TS visited Bayview Pasture, which has also been a 
popular area for roosting and feeding geese and shorebirds at Alsea 
Bay in past winters.  He found 20 Black-bellied Plovers, 60 DUNLIN, 

     A similar high tide roost is not known for Yaquina Bay, although 
Hidden Valley has potential, and there was a report a few winters ago 
of a large concentration of shorebirds about a mile south of YBSJ in 
the dunes and beachgrass.
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *

95.110              OTHER SHOREBIRDS

     A flock of 11 BLACK OYSTERCATCHERS congregated at Stonefield 
Beach (Lane Co.) on 11/10 (DP).

     A PACIFIC GOLDEN-PLOVER was noted at the YBSJ on 11/9 (fide HN); 
they are uncommonly reported here.

     ROCK SANDPIPERS were detected at three sites.  At YBSJ, a 
singleton and a flock of 12 were noted on 11/5 (GL, JG, and TK), and 
two were viewed on 11/12 (RH, AC, and HH).  At Depoe Bay, one was 
found on 11/11 (TS), 11/12 (RH, AC, and HH) and 11/18 (RK).  At Seal 
Rocks, three were counted on 11/12 (DP).

     Two WILLETS were at the MSC Lagoon on 11/12 (RH, AC, and HH), 
which has been their favorite Yaquina Bay haunt the past few winters.

     Our only record of PHALAROPES was of some flying near the Lincoln 
City surfline on 11/24 (FS).

     Latest shorebird reports include a WANDERING TATTLER at Seal 
Rocks on 10/5 (L&LS), RUDDY TURNSTONE at Yaquina Head on 10/11 (BLM), 
MARBLED GODWIT near Sandpiper Village on 10/24 (L&LS), and a WHIMBREL 
at Mooloch Beach just north of Yaquina Head on 11/12 (RH, AC, and HH).
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *

95.111               JAEGERS-DOVES

     Two POMARINE JAEGERS were noted off Newport during the 11/4 
pelagic trip (MH), and a PARASITIC JAEGER was spotted at Boiler Bay on 
11/18 (RK).

     Perhaps our last BONAPARTE'S GULL of the fall was at Eckman Lake 
on 11/13 (SL).

     When the Beaver Creek pastures first flooded in early November, 
many MEW GULLS arrived, but most have since left (LO).  Could they 
have been feeding on earthworms forced out by the water?

     On 11/5, there was a steady stream of BLACK-LEGGED KITTIWAKES 
flying past Boiler Bay (GL, JG, and TK).

     ANCIENT MURRELETS were the most abundant alcid this month.  At 
Yaquina Head, at least 30 on 10/29 and 50-100 on 11/19 were camped 
(KM).  At Boiler Bay, there were 50-60 on 11/11 (DF; TS), 80-100 on 
11/12 (RH, AC, and HH), and 80 on 11/18 (TK fide RK).  Additionally, 
within four miles of YBSJ during the 11/4 pelagic trip, 25 flew south 

     In mid-November, SS continued to hear calling MARBLED MURRELETS 
flying by her Neskowin (Tillamook Co.) home.

     Our latest reports of RHINOCEROS AUKLETS and CASSIN'S AUKLETS 
were 1-2 at Boiler Bay on 11/5 (GL, JG, and TK).  During the 11/4 
pelagic trip from Newport, 19 Rhinos were noted, with most (12) seen 
four miles or more offshore (MH).  Seven Cassin's and two Rhinos 
washed ashore near Thiel Creek in October (BLo, S&DB).

     Other last reports include two PIGEON GUILLEMOTS at Yaquina Head 
on 11/19 (KM) and BAND-TAILED PIGEON and MOURNING DOVE at Bell Hill 
between Toledo and Newport on 11/11 (JB).
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *

95.112                 OWLS-WARBLERS

     The first SHORT-EARED OWL of the season was flying over Yaquina 
Bay near the MSC on 11/12 (AC).  GREAT HORNED OWL records include one 
at Yaquina Head on 10/20 (BLM), a well-observed one at Yachats on 11/1 
(BSl), and a pair regularly calling near Waldport in mid-November 
(MA).  A NORTHERN PYGMY-OWL perched on a sun-lit branch at Cascade 
Head (Tillamook Co.) on 11/2 (SS).

     On 10/26, BM was entertained by a bee feeding at her hummingbird 
feeder just south of Waldport that chased off an ANNA'S HUMMINGBIRD!

     RED-BREASTED SAPSUCKERS show up more here in the lowlands in 
fall, and one was at Beaver Creek on 11/4 (LO).

     Two rare HORNED LARKS were heard flying over YBSJ on 11/19 (M&MDe 
fide CP).

     COMMON RAVENS (which are uncommon to rare along the coast) 
visited Sandpiper Village during eight days in October (L&LS).

     AMERICAN ROBINS become pretty scarce at many places here in 
winter, so SS was surprised by one arriving at her Neskowin yard on 
11/12 to feed on the holly berries.

     At least 50 TOWNSEND'S WARBLERS at Thornton Creek on 11/9 (DF) 
may be our largest flock ever.  

     1-2 PALM WARBLERS skulked at the MSC on 11/9 (fide HN) and 11/18 

     At Hidden Valley, DF discovered a lingering ORANGE-CROWNED 
WARBLER and a COMMON YELLOWTHROAT on 11/19.  Most birds of both 
species have already left, but in past winters singleton Orange-crowns 
have occasionally been reported.  However, for our records through 
1992, we did not have a single November or December record of 
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *

95.113             SPARROWS-HOUSE FINCH

     D&BM spotted and photographed a male HARRIS' SPARROW at their 
feeder just south of Waldport that was present from 11/2 to at least 
11/18.  They promptly reported it, and, consequently, several other 
observers (RH & HH; TS) also got a chance to see it.  We have few 
records of this species, but most of them have been in the Waldport 

     We have a tie for the first WHITE-THROATED SPARROW of the season; 
on 11/4, MA espied one at Alsea Bay and J&DC also noted one of the 
tan-striped form at their Toledo feeder.  Starting in 1981, they have 
been regularly reported in Lincoln County each winter.

     A SWAMP SPARROW was detected at Idaho Slough on 11/5 (GL, JG, and 
TK) and near Toledo on 11/12 (CP).  We still have too few records of 
them to know their status.

     The YBSJ has the short grass and sometimes the harsh winter 
climate that a few birds seem to like.  A SNOW BUNTING hopped around 
the YBSJ on 11/1 (SM), 11/20 (SD & RG), and 11/22 (CP), and a 
LAPLAND LONGSPUR was noted there on 11/19 (CP, M&MDe).

     However, the marsh just south of the YBSJ road is milder, and CP 
first found a BOBOLINK there on 11/12, and it was relocated the next 
day by CP & DF.  This may be our first record since 1986.

     Hopefully, this will be a good winter for WESTERN MEADOWLARKS 
like last year.  They were noted at Bayview Pasture on 10/9 (L&LS), 
and, in late October, as many as five were detected at Yaquina Head 

     HOUSE FINCHES seem to acquire parasites and tumors.  One that has 
recently been regularly visiting a feeder south of Waldport has a 
large tumor on its rump and on its right thigh (D&BM).

     OBSERVERS.--Mike Adam, BLM (Bureau of Land Management staff at 
Yaquina Head), Range Bayer, John Bell, Sara & Don Brown, 
Alan Contreras, Jess & Doris Crabtree, TB & Deirdre Dame, 
Mike & Merry Lynn Denny (M&MDe), Steve Dowlan, Darrel Faxon, 
Roy Gerig, Jeff Gilligan, Greg Gillson, Hendrik Herlyn, 
Cedar & David Hesse, Rich Hoyer Jr., Matt Hunter, Ted Kenefick, 
Ray Korpi, Pete Lawson, Gerard Lillie, Bob Llewellyn (BLl), 
Sally Lockyear, Bob Loeffel (BLo), Roy Lowe, Sue Martin, 
Kathy Merrifield, Dick Miller (DMi), Dawson & Bobby Mohler, Nancy 
Morrissey, Harry Nehls, Laimons Osis, Chuck Philo, Dave Pitkin, 
Marilyn Sander, Floyd Schrock, Shirley Schwartz, Tim Shelmerdine, 
Lloyd & Luella Seabury, Betty Slauson (BSl), Bill Tice, and Paula 

95.114               December 1995 Sandpiper 

     Comments in this column about abundance or seasonality refer to 
Lincoln County only.

     Abbreviations and some Lincoln Co. site locations: Bayview 
Pasture=field east of junction of Beaver Creek Road and North Alsea 
Bay Road, Beaver Creek=creek flowing through Ona Beach SP, 
Boone Slough=westernmost of two freshwater impoundments at railroad 
trestles along North Yaquina Bay Road, Eckman Lake=man-made lake just 
east of Waldport along HWY 34, Hidden Valley=valley between Newport 
and Toledo accessible by downward road atop the hillcrest between 
Criteser's Moorage and Toledo along north Yaquina Bay Road, 
MSC=Marine Science Center, Nute Slough=easternmost of two freshwater 
impoundments at railroad trestles along North Yaquina Bay Road, 
Ona Beach SP=park halfway between Newport and Waldport along HWY 101, 
Sallys Bend=large embayment east of the LNG tank at Yaquina Bay, 
Sandpiper Village=residential area west of HWY 101 and just north of 
Waldport, SP=state park, Thiel Creek=creek just south of the Newport 
Airport south of South Beach, Thornton Creek=creek between Toledo and 
Eddyville, YBSJ=Yaquina Bay South Jetty.
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *

95.115                          STORMS

     The storms in late November and early December took a heavy toll 
on some bird species.  Many fulmars and phalaropes were found dead, 
and a few other birds were found much farther inland than normal.

     A day after the biggest storm, DF did a three hour seawatch at 
Boiler Bay on 12/13 but (except for phalaropes) saw few seabirds 
passing by (i.e., only two Northern Fulmars, two Short-tailed 
Shearwaters, and four Black-legged Kittiwakes), so the Big Storm did 
not appear to create a bonanza for watching pelagic birds like some 
storms have done in the past.
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *

95.116                    LOONS-GREBES

     A raft of 17 large loons were at the YBSJ on 12/22 (BLl); towards 
dusk, a raft usually forms near the first rock finger west of the 
Bridge and is good for studying COMMON LOONS, which are generally the 
only species in these rafts.

     1-2 EARED GREBES were at Boiler Bay on 12/2 (TS) and 12/12 & 22 
(DBa), at the YBSJ on 12/17 (GK), near the MSC on 12/3 (RH, AC, & HH), 
and at Sallys Bend on 12/3 (RH, AC, & HH), 12/22 (DBa), and 12/24 

     RED-NECKED GREBES are most common nearshore or in the Yaquina Bay 
channel, not in freshwater.  Nevertheless, last year one wintered at 
Eckman Lake, and this year, perhaps the same individual was again 
found on 12/24 (KM).
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *

95.117                     NORTHERN FULMARS 

     Fulmars took a beating from the storms.  On 11/26, RN saw a live 
one at the channel at the YBSJ and also saw many from Yaquina Head.  
But at Boiler Bay, SJ didn't see any on 12/9, and DF spotted just two 
on 12/13.

     The rest of our reports are of dead, beached birds; as is 
typical, most were dark-phase.  BLo and S&DB weekly monitor 4.5 mi of 
beach between Henderson Creek (South Beach) and Beaver Creek; each 
winter they typically find some dead fulmars.  This year, they only 
found a scattered few until 11/26, when seven dark- and three 
light-phase ones were found, and, on 11/29, when 17 dark- and five 
white-phase fulmars were counted.  Their November total was 50, but 
the biggest mortality may have occurred in early December after their 
last report.

     Other beached fulmar reports include 23 dark-, four light- and 
two intermediate phase fulmars along 1.5 mi of beach near Nestucca Bay 
(Tillamook Co.) on 11/30 (DP), 18 dark- and 3 light-phase fulmars from 
Ona Beach SP to Seal Rocks on 12/2 (AF), eight dark- and one 
light-phase fulmars along less than 1/2 mi of beach near South Shore 
development in South Beach on 12/3 (BW), and a dozen that were about 
50% light-phase fulmars about a half mile south of Waldport on 12/4 
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *

95.118            OTHER TUBENOSES-HERONS

     One dead FORK-TAILED STORM-PETREL was beached near South Shore 
development in South Beach on 12/3 (BW).

     On 12/2, TS saw eight shearwaters at Boiler Bay, at least two of 
which were SHORT-TAILED SHEARWATERS, and DF saw two Short-tails there 
on 12/13.

     Our last reports of BROWN PELICAN are 11/11 at Yaquina Head (BLM) 
and 11/22 at Seal Rocks (L&LS).  Generally we have scattered reports 
into December; perhaps the storms moved the pelicans away early this 

     A live BRANDT'S CORMORANT stood along Highway 20 at Milepost 12 
on 11/29 (DF); it must have been bewildered from the storms as they 
rarely even go more than a mile inland in our estuaries.

     BLACK-CROWNED NIGHT-HERONS are under-reported, and our only 
recent record is of at least two identified by calls in the darkness 
about two miles along Beaver Creek Road on 12/1 (AF).
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *

95.119                   WATERFOWL

     The TRUMPETER SWAN at Eckman Lake was last reported on 12/7 (RL).

     DP has been monitoring BLACK BRANT numbers at Yaquina Bay this 
winter and also reading leg bands of 25 different Brant with a 45x 
scope or a 105X Questar; a 20x scope would generally not be enough.  
So far their numbers have been low, KM counted 240 at Sallys Bend on 
12/17, but, on 12/22, DP only found 188.  Last year, their numbers 
were also down; in contrast, RB found 313-503 in December 1989.  
Hopefully, the low numbers in recent years is not an indication that 
they are abandoning Yaquina Bay as a wintering site, as they have 
California estuaries.

     A GR. WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE lingered at Eckman Lake on 11/29 (RL) 
and 11/30 (L&LS).

     Many CANADA GEESE, probably all Westerns, were at the field east 
of HWY 101 and south of Cutler City on 12/2 (KP), 94 Canadas 
(including four Cackling and four possible Duskies) were at Bayview 
Pasture on 12/10 (KM), and six small Canadas were in a field near the 
Logsden Store on 12/22 (BLl).

     A dead OLDSQUAW three miles east of Toledo along Highway 20 (DF) 
may be our most inland record.  1-3 live ones were at the YBSJ on 
11/30 (RL) and 12/22 (BLl); seven were viewed just west of the Yaquina 
Bay Bridge on 12/10 (MH & HG), and four were at YBSJ on 12/12 (DBa).

     WOOD DUCKS are scarce here in winter except where they are being 
fed.  Last winter, 50 or more were at Mossy Lane Pond at Toledo, but 
this year the feeding has stopped and they are gone (CP).  At a lake 
south of Newport where they continue to be fed, they were regulars 
throughout November (L&LS).

     An apparent GADWALL X GREEN-WINGED TEAL was briefly seen in the 
flooded fields along south Beaver Creek Road on 12/8 (RH).

     Sallys Bend is the best place in Lincoln Co. to see REDHEADS, and 
KM viewed 24-27 there on 12/17 & 24.

     At least 50 HARLEQUIN DUCKS were near the mouth of Squaw Creek 
(Lane Co.) on 12/18, a favored location for them along the Oregon 
Coast (PR & PS).  2-8 were at Seal Rocks during eight days in November 
(L&LS), near the Yachats River mouth on 12/3 (KM) and 12/8 (RH & MH), 
Seal Rocks on 12/21 (DP), and the YBSJ on 12/10 & 17 (KM), 12/22 
(BLl), and 12/27 (PR).  Seven in the breakers at Devil's Punchbowl SP 
on 12/17 (KM) are the first reported for that site.

     BARROW'S GOLDENEYES are some of the last waterfowl to arrive; 
L&LS first reported them on 11/22 at east Alsea Bay, and KM saw a male 
at the Alsea Bay Boat Docks on 12/3 and the first female there on 
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *

95.120                    WHITE-TAILED KITES

     This month kites were reported in more locations in Lincoln 
County than ever before.  They were first regularly reported here in 
1982, but, prior to this month, they were only reported at one site 
during a season, so it has been unclear if they may have just been 
moving around.

     A kite was reported near Sandpiper Village on 11/3 (L&LS), one 
was just east of Bayview Pasture in mid-November (SB, fide BLo), and a 
pair hunted a pasture about four miles north of the town of Siletz 
along HWY 229 on 12/22 (SK).  

     Near Toledo, one was about 3 mi west of Toledo on 12/2 (TS), 
singletons were at Boone and Nute Sloughs on 12/8 (RH & MH), and at 
least one was noted south of Criteser's Moorage (about a mile 
downstream of Toledo) on 12/23 (MC, PV, and RF).
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *

95.121             OTHER RAPTORS-RAILS

     One RED-SHOULDERED HAWK perched in an alder at about mile 2.5 
along Hidden Valley road on 12/7 (CP).  JS relocated it on 12/26.

     On 12/2, P&MD watched from their Toledo home as a RED-TAILED HAWK 
swooped down, caught a snake, and then flew to a tree perch to eat it!

     One accipiter sp. was south of Waldport on 11/18 (D&BM), and a 
SHARP-SHINNED HAWK chased a sparrow at the MSC on 12/1 (RL).  The 
pattern of our reports appear as if accipiters are more frequent 
during the winter along the coastline than a few miles inland.

     One RUFFED GROUSE was at SS's Neskowin (Tillamook Co.) home on 
11/20 & 21 and at north Beaver Creek on 12/8 (LO).

     Our only VIRGINIA RAIL report was for Beaver Creek just east of 
Ona Beach SP on 12/8 (RH & MH).
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *

95.122                        PHALAROPES

     Our big shorebird news this month were the RED PHALAROPES blown 
onshore en masse.  They were noted inland at many places; our furthest 
inland records were at a wet field about a half mile east of Eddyville 
on 12/15 (BLo) and one dead in a forest about a half mile from 
Moonshine Park, north of Logsden, on 12/22 (SK).

     On 12/13 (a day after the biggest storm), DF did a three hour 
seawatch at Boiler Bay and estimated that about a total of 10,000 
phalaropes passed by.

     Once onshore they were weak and vulnerable.  On 12/2, AF saw a 
WESTERN GULL swoop down and fly off with a live phalarope at Ona Beach 
SP, and, on 12/15, AM saw a Western Gull eating a phalarope at South 
Beach SP.  Many were killed by passing vehicles; LO found eight dead 
along Beaver Creek Road in early December, and one struck OW's car at 
Sandpiper Village on 12/14, but recovered.  At the YBSJ, DBa saw one 
plucked from the air by an immature PEREGRINE FALCON on 12/13 and 
noted that NORTHERN HARRIERS also seemed to be hunting phalaropes.

     Along 4.5 mi of beach near Thiel Creek, dead phalaropes (five) 
were first found on 11/26 (BLo, S&DB), but many more of them may have 
been scavenged and carried away before they could be counted.
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *

95.123                OTHER SHOREBIRDS

     A well-described RUDDY TURNSTONE at Seal Rocks on 12/2 (AF) is 
our latest; they are often missed in winter and sometimes 
misidentified because ruddy legs doth not a Ruddy Turnstone make--some 
Black Turnstones can have a reddish cast to their legs.

     Flocks of BLACK OYSTERCATCHERS continue to be found.  On 11/25 & 
26, 10-12 were at Seal Rocks (JS), and seven flocked there on 12/21 

     One ROCK SANDPIPER was viewed at Seal Rocks on 12/2 (AF) and 
12/24 (KM), and two were at Depoe Bay on 12/13 (DBa).

     Our only WHIMBREL reports were for a singleton at Moolack Beach 
north of Yaquina Head on 11/12 and 12/3 (RH, AC & HH) and at east 
Alsea Bay as late as 11/30 (L&LS).

     COMMON SNIPE were at Beaver Creek on 12/7 (LO).

     There was a report of two BLACK-NECKED STILTS at the YBSJ on 
11/25 (fide JS), but no details were available.  Our only previous 
record of them is for April 1985.
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *

95.124                 GULLS-ALCIDS

     At least 180 BONAPARTE'S GULLS were flying south on 12/3 (KM); 
our last report was for Boiler Bay and YBSJ on 12/12 (DBa).  A dead, 
beached SABINE'S GULL near South Shore development in South Beach on 
12/3 is late (BW), and a first-winter GLAUCOUS GULL was at Moolack 
Beach north of Yaquina Head on 12/15 (AM).

     A few BLACK-LEGGED KITTIWAKES were at Yaquina Head on 11/26 (JS), 
Seal Rocks on 12/3 (DF), Boiler Bay on 12/3 (RH, AC, & HH), 12/9 (SJ), 
and 12/13 (DF); and the mouth of the Yachats River on 12/8 (RH & MH) 
and 12/17 (KM).

     ANCIENT MURRELETS continued to be the most common alcid until 
mid-December.  Boiler Bay seemed to be their favored site, with about 
50 on 12/3 (RH, AC, & HH), at least a half dozen on 12/9 (SJ), and 
about 200 on 12/17 (GK).  Elsewhere, about 1-2 dozen were at Yaquina 
Head on 11/26 (JS) and 12/3 (KM), 1-2 were at the mouth of the YBSJ on 
12/8 (RH & MH) and 12/27 (PR), eight were just south of the Yachats 
River mouth on 12/8 (RH & MH), three were very close inshore at Depoe 
Bay on 12/9 (SJ), and six were at Whale Cove (Rocky Creek SP) on 12/13 

     25 COMMON MURRES were at Boiler Bay on 12/12 (DBa), and they were 
also there on 12/23 (MC, PV, and RF).  In mid-December, murres 
appeared to have become the most common alcid as KM counted 370 flying 
south on 12/17 during 1:04-1:47 PM at Yachats; she noted that many 
were in breeding plumage, which is to be expected (i.e., see Harris 
and Wanless, 1990.  British Birds 83:55-66).

     One PIGEON GUILLEMOT visited Yaquina Head on 12/3 (KM) and Boiler 
Bay on 12/23 (MC, PV, and RF).
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *

95.125                   PIGEON-THRUSHES

     Our latest report for BAND-TAILED PIGEONS is 11/23 in Toledo 

     A NORTHERN PYGMY-OWL perched in a red alder at mid-day south of 
Yaquina Bay on 11/18 (BLo), and one called at Beaver Creek on 12/1 

     ANNA'S HUMMINGBIRDS were regularly at D&BM's feeder south of 
Waldport in late November and early December.  L&LS also noted them at 
Sandpiper Village throughout November.

     Good News & Bad News for HORNED LARKS.  The good news is that we 
have had more reports this month than ever before--the bad news is 
that only one was seen at a single location: on the gravel at YBSJ, 
sometimes east of the "gull parking lot" in the short grass bordering 
the road (JS).  Reports are for 12/16 (CP), 12/22 (DBa & CR), 12/23 
(MC, PV, and RF), and 12/26 (JS).

     Our only GRAY JAY report is for 3-6 at SS's Neskowin home on 

     One BROWN CREEPER was in north Toledo on 11/4 and 12/19 (P&MD), 
and a WINTER WREN has taken to roosting at night in SS's front porch 
at Neskowin on 12/22.

     We had several reports of HERMIT THRUSHES with one out at dusk at 
Yachats on 12/2 (SL).
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *

95.126             WARBLERS-MEADOWLARK

     Starting on 12/6, a PRAIRIE WARBLER has been frequenting E&CH's 
South Beach backyard to at least 12/26.  It may be only the second 
record for Oregon, the other one being seen about a mile away on 
9/27/1981.  However, the Horvath's warbler is being viewed by 
considerably more people--I've seen reports from over a dozen people, 
so the Horvath's have been gracious hosts--thanks!

     1-2 PALM WARBLERS were along the MSC Nature Trail on 11/26 (JS), 
in the sandy area just west of the MSC entrance on 12/2 (TS), and at 
the MSC on 12/13 (DBa).

     Our updated arrival date for WHITE-THROATED SPARROWS is 10/30 at 
Toledo (P&MD).  A White-throated has regularly been at CP's Toledo 
feeder starting on 11/26.  On 12/21, DF found one 
along with a LINCOLN'S SPARROW in a briar patch in Toledo.  Two 
Lincoln's were also found at the MSC on 12/13 (DBa).

      Two juvenile WHITE-CROWNED SPARROWS were at Thornton Creek in 
early December, where they are rare (DF).  

     The HARRIS' SPARROW was last at D&BM's feeder south of Waldport 
on 11/19.

     The first SLATE-COLORED DARK-EYED JUNCO reported this season was 
in SW Newport on 11/12 (RB).

     The roadside along the YBSJ has been good for terrestrial birds 
this winter; other species besides the Horned Lark include a SNOW 
BUNTING on 11/24 (M&MDe) and 11/25 (JS), and an odd-looking LAPLAND 
LONGSPUR on 12/3 (DF).

     At Yaquina Head, 1-5 WESTERN MEADOWLARKS were counted during nine 
days in November at Yaquina Head (BLM) and on 12/4 (RB).  At YBSJ, 
four were noted on 11/25 (JS), 11 on 11/30 (RL), and one on 12/17 

     OBSERVERS.--BLM (Bureau of Land Management at Yaquina Head), 
David Bailey, Steve Baron, Range Bayer, Sara & Don Brown, 
Alan Contreras, Jesse & Doris Crabtree, Marcia Cutler, Mike & 
Merry Lynn Denny (M&MDe), Pat & Meagan Dickey, Darrel Faxon, 
Anthony Floyd, Rana Foster, Hope Gilde, Hendrik Herlyn, Eric & Clare 
Horvath, Rich Hoyer Jr., Martin Hutten, Scott Johnson, Steve Kapillas, 
Georges Kleinbaum, Bob Llewellyn (BLl), Sally Lockyear, 
Bob Loeffel (BLo), Roy Lowe, Alan McGie, Kathy Merrifield, 
Dawson & Bobby Mohler, Rick Neubig, Laimons Osis, Katherine Peyton, 
Chuck Philo, Dave Pitkin, Paul Reed, Craig Roberts, Shirley Schwartz, 
Lloyd & Luella Seabury, Tim Shelmerdine, Patty Shreve, Jamie Simmons, 
Paula Vanderheul, Orr Wieman, and Barb Wilson.
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