Menu of June-Dec. 1993 (sections 93.37-93.72) Bird Field Notes 
             by Range Bayer from the Sandpiper (a publication 
             of Yaquina Birders & Naturalists, Lincoln County, Oregon) 
Section   Month of 
No.       Sandpiper, Volume 14
93.37     June-July 1993 
93.44     August 1993 
93.48     September 1993 
93.54     October 1993 
93.59     November 1993 
93.66     December 1993 

93.37               June-July 1993 Sandpiper 14(6)

     Abbreviations and Site Locations: Driftwood Beach SP=State Park about 
1/2 way between Seal Rocks and Waldport, HY=hatch-year (birds hatched this 
year), Idaho Flats=large embayment just east of the MSC, MSC=Marine Science 
Center, Sallys Bend=large embayment east of the LNG tank at Yaquina Bay, 
Sandpiper Village=residential area west of HWY 101 and just north of 
Waldport, YBSJ=Yaquina Bay South Jetty, YJP=Yaquina John Point west of HWY 
101 and just south of Waldport.

*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *
93.38                          GREBE-BITTERN

     One RED-NECKED GREBE and 12 WESTERN GREBES were discovered just north 
of Yaquina Head on 6/16 (RL & DP); this is our first ever June record for 
Red-neckeds.  A few Western's typically oversummer along our coast.  

     In late June, 4-8 PACIFIC LOONS were at Yaquina Head, (RL&DP; KM), 
these nonbreeding loons often oversummer, and we have eight years of 
records in late June for them.  

     Albatrosses aren't often found beached near Thiel Creek, so a 
LAYSAN ALBATROSS on 5/5, a BLACK-LEGGED ALBATROSS on 6/20, and another 
Black-legged on 7/5 (BL, S&DB) may indicate that they are having a 
difficult time this summer.

     A dead BULLER'S SHEARWATER was beached at Waldport on 6/10 (DP&RL).

     A mystery tube-nose shorter than a Pigeon Guillemot was just east of 
the Yaquina Bay Bridge on 6/27 (KM).

     SR reported a juvenile BROWN BOOBY from the YBSJ on 6/16 (fide MP), 
but neither SR nor others could relocate it.  Details are not available.

     Two WHITE PELICANS were reported flying north among BROWN PELICANS 
over the ocean at Seal Rocks the mornings of 6/23 & 24 (S&JT); this is only 
our second Lincoln County record.  Brown Pelicans had a very good showing 
this May as they were seen nearly daily at Yaquina Head with up to 31 
counted (BLM).

     Although it is too early to tell for sure, PELAGIC CORMORANTS appear 
to be having a poor nesting season, with many abandoning nests by mid-July 
(RL).  The number of nesting BRANDT'S CORMORANTS at Sea Lion Caves, Lane 
Co., is much lower this year, but some are successfully nesting at Yaquina 
Head (RL).

     The first fall GREAT EGRET was at Yaquina Bay on 7/11 (KM).

     L&LS heard an AMERICAN BITTERN at Beaver Creek on 5/4.  Bitterns are 
one of the species most overlooked in Lincoln County, and we rarely have 
more than one record/year for a bird that may be fairly common or may be 
declining in our freshwater marshes.
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *
93.39                      WATERFOWL-RAPTORS

     Five BRANT were at the mouth of Alsea Bay on 6/2 (RL&DP) and at Seal 
Rocks on 6/22 (PRn); Brant were also at Driftwood Beach SP on 6/20 (L&LS).  
Nonbreeding Brant regularly oversummer here.

     One male CANVASBACK at Nute Slough, Yaquina Bay, on 6/13 (KM) is only 
our fifth June record for this species that rarely oversummers here.  
CINNAMON TEAL at Beaver Creek on 6/6 (LO) and 6/10 (L&LS) may have possibly 
nested there.  A female WOOD DUCK with a brood was near Waldport on 5/31 
(L&LS), at the middle Newport Reservoir on 7/4 (TM), and at Eckman Lake on 
6/22 (RL).  The latest report of the male MANDARIN DUCK at Cape Perpetua 
was on 5/27 (L&LS).

     There appears to be two new OSPREY nests in the Newport area.  The 
first was discovered on 6/6 by D&CH; a pair of adults at the nest were 
later intermittently observed into July (MJH; TM; PR), and there is one 
report of a chick there in July (fide MJH).  The second nest was noted on 
7/19 (L&VO).  I am not giving the location of these nests because there are 
people that would shoot Osprey and because birders could unintentionally 
harass them; the nest locations are known to the ODFW and USFWS.

     P&MD found a BLACK-SHOULDERED KITE on 5/23 in the Hidden Valley/Boone 
Slough area; perhaps, they nested there this year (CP).

     A PEREGRINE FALCON was near the Newport hospital on 6/7 (CP) and at 
Idaho Flats on 7/11 (PR).  As no nest is known yet for Lincoln County, they 
were probably nonbreeders.

     AMERICAN KESTRELS are often absent June-July in Lincoln County; this 
year our first fall bird was at Nute Slough on 7/11 (KM).
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *

     A male RING-NECKED PHEASANT was seen flying at Depoe Bay in late May 

     MOUNTAIN QUAIL were noted throughout May and June at Sandpiper Village 
(S&SW; L&LS).

     A BAR-TAILED GODWIT at Idaho Flats on 7/8 (BLu) is only our third fall 
and fourth record, overall.  Four active BLACK OYSTERCATCHER nests were at
Yaquina Head on 7/3 (RL).

     A LONG-BILLED CURLEW was on the beach near Sandpiper Village on 5/14 
(JS).  Some nonbreeding WHIMBRELS regularly oversummer at Yaquina Estuary, 
but those near Driftwood Beach SP in June (RL&DP; L&LS) suggest that they 
may do so there, too.  The SURFBIRD at Otter Rock on 6/23
(RL&DP) is our first June record.

south of Seal Rocks on 7/2 (DP); GREATER YELLOWLEGS at the HMSC on 7/8 
(RB), BLACK TURNSTONES at Seal Rocks on 7/11 (KM), DOWITCHERS at Idaho 
Flats on 7/11 (KM), RUDDY TURNSTONE south of Seal Rocks on 7/12 (D&BM), 
HEERMANN'S GULL near Sandpiper Village on 5/25 (L&LS), and 
BLACK-LEGGED KITTIWAKE at Sallys Bend on 7/11 (KM).

     A BONAPARTE'S GULL in nonbreeding plumage at Idaho Flats on 6/13 (KM) 
is not unusual.

     Nonbreeding CASPIAN TERNS routinely oversummer at Yaquina Bay, but 
other oversummering sites in Lincoln Co. aren't as clear.  Thus records at 
Alsea Bay on 6/2 (RL&DP) and 6/15 (JW); near Seal Rocks several days in 
June (L&LS); and at North Siletz Bay on 6/21 (PR) indicate that some 
oversummered at these sites, too.  
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *
93.41                        COMMON MURRE

Perhaps the big news this summer is the warm water off the coast and 
the subsequent low nesting success of some seabirds.  COMMON MURRES appear 
to be particularly hard hit.  On 6/5, RL&DP saw many abandoned eggs at 
colonies in Tillamook County, and there were many fewer adults trying to 
nest than usual.  On 6/7, RL counted 120 abandoned eggs at Yaquina Head; 
since murres typically closely guard their eggs, seeing any abandoned eggs 
at all is rare.  Some eggs were also visible there on 6/13 & 27 (KM).  
Although a few murre eggs hatched at Yaquina Head, RL saw gulls killing 
many chicks on 7/7 and trying to swallow the chicks whole, usually 
unsuccessfully.  Adult murres were not guarding the chicks as well as they 
normally do.

     On 7/12&13, RL&DP boated between Depoe Bay and Tillamook Head, and saw 
no murre chicks out on the water and heard none at nesting areas; in a 
"normal" year, chicks should have been abundant in nearshore waters, each 
cared for only by its father.  Typically, some murre chicks die shortly 
after leaving their colony and wash ashore, but this year, as of 7/14, none 
were found on 4.5 miles of beach near Thiel Creek (BL, S&DB) and only one 
was found along 4.4 miles of beach near Waldport (DP).  This year, KB's 
record of a live chick inside Yaquina Bay on 7/2l is noteworthy because it 
has not been common.  Not only are murres having a disastrous nesting year, 
adult murres are also dying in more than usual numbers.  During their 
7/12&13 trip, RL&DP saw several adults that looked very stressed and near 
death; many adults have also been found dead on Lincoln County beaches in 
June and July (BL, S&DB; DP).
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *
93.42                  OTHER ALCIDS-FLYCATCHERS

     2-6 RHINOCEROS AUKLETS were near Seal Rocks on 5/16 (JS) and at 
Yaquina Head in May (BLM) and June and July (KM).

     Up to four TUFTED PUFFINS were at Yaquina Head in May (BLM), but 
during RL&DP's boat trip on 7/12 & 13, only one was seen in parts of 
Tillamook County where hundreds were to be expected.

     Although PIGEON GUILLEMOTS are difficult to monitor because they nest 
in crevices and burrows, they may not be doing poorly this year because 
RL&DP saw many carrying fish during their 7/12&13 boat trip, and JH 
reported that nests in Coos Bay were doing well with 1-2 chicks/nest (fide 

     MOURNING DOVES were at Waldport in early June (DF; JW) and at 
Sandpiper Village in May and June (L&LS).  They are only locally common 
here in summer.

     Our first COMMON NIGHTHAWK was reported at Logsden on 6/8 (BLl).

     VAUX'S SWIFTS apparently nested in a chimney at a Newport residence in 
early July (RO) and were near YJP in mid-June (D&BM).

     ANNA'S HUMMINGBIRDS were at Sandpiper Village in June (RLe; S&SW), but 
we still don't have any confirmed nesting records for them.

     A RED-BREASTED SAPSUCKER nested in a snag at Mike Miller Park this 
summer (EH; PR).

     Our third ASH-THROATED FLYCATCHER in May-early June in the last four 
years was detected at the HMSC on 6/6 (OP).  All these records were for 
South Beach.

     A rare DUSKY FLYCATCHER was discovered at Thornton Creek on 6/4 (DF), 
and our last WESTERN KINGBIRD was on a fence at YBSJ on 6/2 (CP).  
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *
93.43                  SWALLOWS-NORTHERN ORIOLE

     By 7/20, SWALLOWS began bunching up and perching on powerlines near 
Logsden (BLl).  Speaking of swallows, P&MD saw Barn Swallows, Cliff 
Swallows, Violet-green Swallows, and Rough-winged Swallows at Idaho Flats 
on 6/1.  The first nesting CLIFF SWALLOWS at South Beach Peninsula were 
reported on 7/8 (JaC).  A total of five Cliff Swallow nests around the HMSC 
Library were counted on 7/10 (RB), and some young hatched during 7/17-21 

     Some CHESTNUT-BACKED CHICKADEE young fledged from their nest box at 
YJP on 6/15 (JW).  

     One pair of PURPLE MARTINS appears to have nested at one of EH's bird 
houses near the HMSC with RO seeing an adult female feeding a HY bird in 
the top of alders on 6/17, and four were near the nest boxes on 7/11 (KM).  
More were further up Yaquina Estuary (DP; KM), where they regularly nest.

     COMMON RAVENS aren't usually very common right along the Lincoln 
County coast, so their abundance near YJP has been of interest.  D&BM have 
solved the mystery by noting that the proximity of the landfill at Waldport 
could be attracting the ravens.

     MARSH WRENS were at Beaver Creek in May and June (JS; L&LS), South 
Beach on 5/23 (EH), and Eckman Slough on 7/14 (JW).

     Our only WESTERN BLUEBIRD was a male at Rocky Point in NE Lincoln 
County on 7/5 (CP).  A HY VARIED THRUSH appeared at Sandpiper Village on 
6/6 (RLe).

     CEDAR WAXWINGS have made a good showing in many areas in May and June 
(SS, PR, P&MD).

     A WARBLING VIREO and YELLOW WARBLER at Toledo on 6/15 (JC) and a 
MACGILLIVRAY'S WARBLER east of Waldport on 7/4 (JW) were species rarely 
noted this summer.

     It must have been a good year for RUFOUS-SIDED TOWHEE nesting because 
their brown young, which look so unlike the adults that they could be 
misidentified, were found in Newport on 6/12 (RB), Toledo on 6/15 (JC), and 
at Florence by 7/1 (RW).

     An adult WHITE-CROWNED SPARROW fed two fledglings at a Waldport feeder 
on 6/22 (LL).

     Our only YELLOW-HEADED BLACKBIRD this spring was a male at Yaquina 
Head on 5/14 (KMa).

     A pair of NORTHERN ORIOLES at an Agate Beach feeder on 6/9 (KS) are 
the latest records this spring.

     At Waldport on 6/8, a cat got a nest full of HOUSE FINCH young (LL).

     Observers: Range Bayer, Karl Brookins, Sara & Don Brown, 
Larry & Joann Clark, Janelle Cooper (JaC), Jesse Crabtree, 
Pat & Meagan Dickey, Darrel Faxon, Don Gates, Mary Jo Hedrick, 
David & Cedar Hesse, Janet Hodder, Eric Horvath, Lola Landis, 
Ruth LeBaron (RLe), Bob Llewellyn (BLl), Bob Loeffel, Roy Lowe, 
Bob Lucas (BLu), Bureau of Land Management (MN, GM, KMa, DR, L&JC), 
Kristin Mangold (KMa), Kathy Merrifield, Gary Meyer, Dawson & Bobby Mohler, 
Terry Morse, Michael Noack, Robert Olson, Laimons & Vicki Osis,
Mike Patterson, Chuck Philo, Dave Pitkin, Donna Ralston, Scott Rea, 
Paul Reed, Paul Reno (PRn), Kathy Saxton, Shirley Schwartz, 
Lloyd & Luella Seabury, Jamie Simmons, Shirley & Jim Thielen, Ruth Warren,
Jean Weakland, Selmer & Sue Westby.

93.44                August 1993 Sandpiper 14(7)

     Abbreviations and Site Locations: HY=hatch-year (birds hatched this 
year), MSC=Marine Science Center, Sandpiper Village=residential area west 
of HWY 101 and just north of Waldport.
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *
93.45                    GREBES-RAPTORS

     PIED-BILLED GREBES nest at a few sites in Lincoln County, but, at 
Eckman Lake, they are a winter resident, with the first arriving on 7/30 

     About 100 BROWN PELICANS in groups of 8-10 were flying north near 
Yachats on 7/30 (SL) and at least 50 were at Yaquina Head on 7/31 (BLM).

     68% of the PELAGIC CORMORANT nests between Yaquina Bay and Depoe Bay 
were abandoned by 7/22 (RL); this warm-water summer has been poor for them.

     A summering BRANT lingered south of Seal Rocks on 8/11 (DP).

     HOODED MERGANSERS showed up at Yaquina Bay on 8/8 (KM) and at Eckman 
Lake on 8/9 (RW).

     Although rare at Yaquina Head, an OSPREY perched on a quarry cliff 
there on 7/5 (BLM).  Another was heard calling at Mike Miller Park on 7/29 

     A BLACK-SHOULDERED KITE visited the MSC on 7/29 (TM), and the first 
NORTHERN HARRIER of the fall was there on 8/2 (TM).  An AMERICAN KESTREL 
along Yaquina Bay on 7/15 (RO) was near the one reported last month; these 
are our only July records since 1982.

     One PEREGRINE FALCON visited Newport on 7/30 (ME), and one was also at 
Yaquina Head on 7/10 and 7/23 (BLM).
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *
93.46                           RAIL-TERN

     VIRGINIA RAILS are underreported, so a report of them at Beaver Creek 
on 7/16 (RO) is most welcome.

     Arrivals: WILLET at MSC Boat Dock on 7/14 (RO), WANDERING TATTLER at 
Yachats on 7/16 (RO) and 7/19 at Seal Rocks (L&LS), two BAIRD'S SANDPIPERS 
at Sandpiper Village beach on 7/20 (JS), BLACK-BELLIED PLOVER at Bayshore 
Beach (ocean beach along North Alsea Bay Spit) on 7/26 (CP), 
RED-NECKED PHALAROPE at 10 Mile Creek (Lane Co.) on 8/9 (RW) and one in 
winter plumage south of Seal Rocks on 8/11 (DP).                     

     The 37 RUDDY TURNSTONES south of Seal Rocks on 7/26 (DP) is a good 

     28 LONG-BILLED CURLEWS at Patterson State Park south of Waldport 
(D&BM) are a noteworthy concentration, not only for their presence, but 
also for the observers' details.                           

     LESSER and GREATER YELLOWLEGS were found together at Eckman Lake on 
8/9 (RW).

     A SPOTTED SANDPIPER along the ocean beach south of Seal Rocks on 7/26 
(DP) is one of our few non-May records of them along salt water.

     There are a lot of factors involved for gulls to successfully fledge 
young.  Some WESTERN GULLS nesting in the lower quarry area of Yaquina Head 
were successful in getting their young to the learning-to-fly stage.  But 
flying is an art that is hazardous, and some of the young at that 
particular site were unable to perfect their skills without crashing 
hard--five were found dead with broken necks, and one was seen crashing and 
breaking its leg (BLM).

     The first CASPIAN TERN young/adult pair was noted at Waldport on 7/25 
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *
93.47                      ALCIDS-GOLDFINCH

     Live, scattered COMMON MURRE young were rare at Yaquina Bay on 7/19 
(L&LS), 7/2l (JS), and 8/7 (RL).  Dead HY murres are common to find along 
our beaches in July and August, but only one was found in July along 
4.6 miles of beach near Thiel Creek (BL, S&DB), and none were found 
along 4.4 miles of beach south of Seal Rocks (DP).  Who would have ever 
guessed that more dead HY RHINOCEROS AUKLETS (first found at these beaches 
on 7/31 and 7/26, respectively) would be found than HY murres!

     Two early ANCIENT MURRELETS in winter-like plumage were in the Cape 
Lookout/Netarts Bay area on 7/20, and two were one mile north of the 
Yaquina Bay South Jetty on 7/21 (RL&DP).

     For the first time in his 20 years of Seatauqua field trips to Yaquina 
Head and Heceta Head, TUFTED PUFFINS were absent during his mid-July field 
trips (RO).  At Yaquina Head, up to three were only very sporadically noted 
during June and July (BLM).

     PIGEON GUILLEMOTS use a variety of nesting sites, including burrows in 
sand cliffs at Seal Rocks, where L&LS saw several flying to feed their 
young on 7/23.

     Up to five MOURNING DOVES continued to frequent Sandpiper Village in 
July (L&LS).  A GREAT HORNED OWL was at Mike Miller Park on 7/29 (D&CH).

     CLIFF SWALLOW nests around the MSC Library were active on 7/23 (TM), 
and young appeared to fledge at four of them by 8/13 (RB).  
VIOLET-GREEN SWALLOW fledged from a Neskowin nest box on 7/27 (SS), and two 
pairs of COMMON RAVENS put on aerial displays near Neskowin on 8/9 (SS).

     BEWICK'S WREN young fledged at a nest on a MSC apartment window on 
7/28 (DP).  WESTERN BLUEBIRDS have not often been reported this summer, but 
DF saw a flock over his Thornton Creek home on 8/14.

     CEDAR WAXWING eat berries and insects, right?  Well, one was holding a 
fish while standing in the middle of the road at Eckman Lake on 8/1 (RL)!

     A LESSER GOLDFINCH east of Toledo on 7/22 (JS) is a rarity for Lincoln 

       Observers: Range Bayer, BLM (Bureau of Land Management (GM, KMa, MN, 
BB, SP, TT), Sara & Don Brown, Brad Buckley, Marie Erickson, Darrel Faxon, 
David & Cedar Hesse, Sally Lockyear, Bob Loeffel, Roy Lowe, 
Kristin Mangold (KMa), Kathy Merrifield, Gary Meyer, Dawson & Bobby Mohler, 
Terry Morse, Michael Noack, Robert Olson, Shari Patchin, Chuck Philo, 
Dave Pitkin, Shirley Schwartz, Lloyd & Luella Seabury, Jamie Simmons, 
Tami Torres, Ruth Warren.

93.48                September 1993 Sandpiper 14(8)

    Abbreviations and Site Locations: HY=hatch-year (birds hatched this 
year), Idaho Flats=large embayment just east of the MSC, MSC=Marine Science 
Center, Sallys Bend=large embayment east of the LNG tank at Yaquina Bay, 
Sandpiper Village=residential area west of HWY 101 and just north of 
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *
93.49                       GREBES-WATERFOWL

    Grebe arrivals: a RED-NECKED GREBE in brilliant breeding plumage at 
Yaquina Bay on 8/22 (KM) and a HORNED GREBE at Idaho Flats on 8/27 (TM).

    A BULLER'S SHEARWATER was found beached near Thiel Creek on 8/31 (BL, 
S&DB), and one was probably seen at Boiler Bay on 9/12 (AF).

    The season's first dead NORTHERN FULMARS were near Thiel Creek on 8/21 
(BL, S&DB) and south of Seal Rocks in September (DP).

    BLACK-CROWNED NIGHT-HERONS are one of the most underreported species in 
Lincoln County, but LW & RO saw one roosting in a tree at Idaho Point, 
Yaquina Bay, on 9/26.

    A tree at Idaho Flats was decorated with five GREAT EGRETS and four 
GREAT BLUE HERONS on 8/31 (PR&BD).  A GREAT BLUE HERON standing along the 
ocean beach south of Waldport on 8/22 was an uncommon sight (D&BM)!

    On 9/25, migrating GR. WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE flocks were over Siletz (CP) 
and Eckman Lake (RL). On 9/2, 50-100 WOOD DUCKS were at a favored site 
south of Newport where they are fed (L&LS).

    Waterfowl arrivals: NORTHERN PINTAIL at Alsea Bay on 8/11 (L&LS), 
AMERICAN WIGEON at Yaquina Bay on 9/6 (KM), two very early REDHEADS at 
upper Yaquina Bay on 9/12 (AF), GREEN-WINGED TEAL at Yaquina Bay on 9/12 
(KM), and a male, eclipse-plumaged BLUE-WINGED TEAL at Eckman Lake on 9/27 
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *
93.50                   RAPTORS-SHOREBIRDS

     One BLACK-SHOULDERED KITE at Yaquina Bay Bridge on 8/19 (TM), and two 
at Boone Slough/Hidden Valley on 9/3 (P&MD) are a welcome sight.  They may 
have nested here this year, but we still don't have a confirmed nesting 

     Accipiter reports: SHARP-SHINNED HAWK west of Toledo on 8/31 (PR&BD) 
and at Mike Miller Park on 9/18 (CP); COOPER'S HAWK in SW Newport on 9/13 

     One OSPREY was five miles up the Yachats River on 8/11 (DD), and a 
BALD EAGLE was perched on a piling at Sally's Bend on 9/3, 7, and 8 (P&MD).

     A pair of RUFFED GROUSE was a welcome sight east of Yachats on 9/8 
(BB), and MOUNTAIN QUAIL were regulars in Sandpiper Village in August 

     A diligent JS was lucky enough to see a color-banded SNOWY PLOVER near 
Sandpiper Village on 8/25, and he was gracious enough to report his 
sighting to Roy Lowe (USFWS Biologist, 867-4550).  Roy found out that the 
bird was banded as a nestling this year on 6/15 in Curry County!

     A lone LONG-BILLED CURLEW dragged its broken leg along a beach south 
of Waldport on 8/22 (D&BM).

     Shorebird arrivals: PECTORAL SANDPIPER north of Waldport on 8/12 
(L&LS), SANDERLING south of Waldport on 8/22 (D&BM), DUNLIN at Yaquina Bay 
on 8/22 (KM), a MARBLED GODWIT south of Waldport on 8/23 (D&BM), two fulva 
LESSER GOLDEN-PLOVERS on ocean beach south of Seal Rocks on 9/22 (DP), 
COMMON SNIPE at South Beach State Park on 9/25 (RO), and a dominica LESSER 
GOLDEN-PLOVER south of Seal Rocks on 9/30 (DP).

     A WANDERING TATTLER was at Yachats on 9/6 (SL) and at Seal Rocks in 
August (L&LS).
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *
93.51                     GULLS-ALCIDS

     The fall's first MEW GULL was noted on 8/25 at the MSC (RO). 

     This is the time of year when many kinds of insects fly up into the 
sky in large swarms on hot days and gull flocks form to "hawk" them.  The 
first such gull flock this year was reported on 8/29 at Alsea Bay and 
included BONAPARTE'S GULLS and RING-BILLED GULLS (RL).  On 9/23, about 100 
gulls hawked insects over the Oregon Coast Aquarium (BLl).

     Anchovies also sometimes enter our bays in fall en masse, and KM saw a 
flock of gulls, pelicans, and cormorants at Sallys Bend on 9/6 that were 
probably feasting on anchovies.

     Scattered ANCIENT and MARBLED MURRELETS were at Yaquina Head, Boiler 
Bay, Whale Cove in August and September (BLM; AF).  On 9/12, KM counted 41 
Marbleds at Yaquina Head, 155 at Seal Rocks, and 15 at Yachats!

     CASSIN'S and RHINOCEROS AUKLETS were found beached near Thiel Creek in 
August (BL, S&DB) and south of Seal Rocks in September (OP), but such 
die-offs have occurred in previous summers, too.

     This July and August, BL and S&DB found a total of only two dead HY 
COMMON MURRES along 4.6 miles of beach by Thiel Creek.  This year is on a 
pace to break a record because in a "normal" year BL and S&DB would have 
already found a few hundred.  Who would have ever guessed that they would 
have found as many dead beached Rock Doves (1) in August as HY murres?
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *
93.52               NIGHTHAWK-WRENS

     L&LS reported our only COMMON NIGHTHAWK this month, one near Bayview 
on 8/3.  14 VAUX'S SWIFTS at Newport on 8/30 (RO) is our latest report this 

     A PILEATED WOODPECKER eating Evergreen Huckleberries was at Eckman 
Lake on 9/26 (RL).

     A nonbreeding ASH-THROATED FLYCATCHER may have oversummered near the 
MSC.  As earlier reported, DP saw one on 6/6; on 8/20, MC saw one in the 
same area at the MSC Apartments, and on 9/12, AF saw a Myiarchus flycatcher 
that may have been an Ash-throated just east of the Apartments.

     PURPLE MARTINS nested in at least one of EH's nest boxes on pilings at 
the MSC.  13 were in that area on 8/22 (KM), and five were counted there on 
8/27 (SG); some were seen or heard in the following days through 9/3 (RO; 
RB).  Our latest martin report was two in upper Yaquina Bay on 9/12 (AF).

     BL has done his beach transect weekly for the past 15 years, and there 
are still often surprises!  In all those years, he never saw a COMMON RAVEN 
on the beach feeding on dead beached birds until 9/6, when one was feeding 
on a HY Rhinoceros Auklet!

     4-5 WESTERN BLUEBIRDS were in the Siletz/Logsden area on 8/26 and 9/2 
(CP), and a TOWNSEND'S SOLITAIRE was west of Siletz on 9/2 (CP).

     MARSH WRENS are often missed, but JW found one at Eckman Slough on 
9/6.  Our second record of a ROCK WREN was found by CL and others at Smelt 
Sands Wayside just north of Yachats on 9/12; it was watched for about 40 
minutes from a distance of 2O feet.
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *
93.53                KINGLET-HOUSE SPARROW

     The first fall RUBY-CROWNED KINGLET was discovered east of Toledo on 
9/12 (CP).

     An AMERICAN PIPIT on the MSC roof on 9/2 (RL) was the first of the 
season, and the dozen saw along the beach south of Seal Rocks on 9/16 (DP) 
is one of our larger concentrations in recent years.

     CEDAR WAXWINGS patiently ignored aggressive, attacking hummingbirds 
and Barn Swallows in mid-August at Neskowin (SS).

     Arrivals: TOWNSEND'S WARBLER at Toledo on 9/1 (P&MD), PALM WARBLER at 
Newport on 9/18 (RB) and several days later at the MSC (RO), FOX SPARROW at 
Yaquina Head on 8/28 (BLM), SONG SPARROW on 9/21 at a site in Newport where 
they were absent all summer (RB), GOLDEN-CROWNED SPARROW near Toledo on 
9/23 (CP) and next day at the MSC (RO).

     DARK-EYED JUNCOS nest at some places in Lincoln County but are only 
present in winter at others; they should arrive any day, and LL has stocked 
her Waldport feeder in anticipation.

     A report of 30-40 LESSER GOLDFINCHES at the MSC on 9/12 (AF) is very 
unusual as they are rarely reported in Lincoln County.

     A white HOUSE SPARROW has been a frequent visitor in SW Newport in 
late August (CP; RB) and late September (MCa).  This bird is probably the 
"blond" fledgling with dark eyes that TM saw being fed by a normally 
colored adult female on 8/19 at the Shilo Inn.  Last year and this spring 
there was also a whitish one in the same area.

     Observers: Betty Bahn, Range Bayer, BLM at Yaquina Head Outstanding 
Natural Area (MN, KM, GM), Sara & Don Brown, Margaret Carstens (MCa), 
Matt Criblez, Deirdre Dame, Bob Demory, Pat & Meagan Dickey, Darrel Faxon, 
Anthony Floyd, Steve Gordon, Eric Horvath, Lola Landis, 
Bob Llewellyn (BLl), Sally Lockyear, Bob Loeffel, Roy Lowe, Chris Lundberg, 
Kristin Mangold, Kathy Merrifield, Gary Meyer, Dawson & Bobby Mohler, 
Terry Morse, Michael Noack, Robert Olson, Chuck Philo, Dave Pitkin, 
Paul Reed, Shirley Schwartz, Lloyd & Luella Seabury, Jamie Simmons, 
Jean Weakland, Lavern Weber.

93.54                October 1993 Sandpiper 14(9)

     Abbreviations and Site Locations: HY=hatch-year (birds hatched in 
1993), Idaho Flats=large embayment just east of the MSC, MSC=Marine Science 
Center, NWR=National Wildlife Refuge, Sallys Bend=large embayment east of 
the LNG tank at Yaquina Bay, Sandpiper Village=residential area west of HWY 
101 and just north of Waldport.
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *
93.55                  PELICANS-WATERFOWL

     October 24 was a beautiful day, and RM enjoyed watching two BROWN 
PELICANS enjoying Yaquina Bay! 

     A CATTLE EGRET was discovered just south of Cape Perpetua on 10/11 
(RW) and perhaps the same one was at the Yachats Cemetery on 10/17 (JW).

     Our latest GREEN-BACKED HERONS was one at Tidewater on 10/2 (DO), and 
another was flying over Rock Creek Marsh, south of Devils Lake, on 10/14 

     50-121 CANADA GEESE were flying by Yaquina Head on 9/4-6 (BLM), and 
the 10/22 storm brought migrating geese flying over on 10/23 & 10/24 (RB; 
RL; CP).  The Nestucca Bay NWR's first DUSKY CANADA GEESE of the fall 
arrived on 10/13 along with one TAVERNER'S (DP); last year the Duskies 
arrived there on 10/16.

     Last month we had two reports of migrating GR. WHITE-FRONTED GEESE 
on 9/25.  BLl also reports that 12 large flocks were flying over Logsden on 
9/24, and RL saw 38 flying over Siletz Bay on 10/4.  Grounded ones at 
Eckman Lake included four adults and five juveniles on 9/26 (RL), but only 
a juvenile remained there on 10/10 (RL) and 10/17 (RB et al.); one was also 
on the ground at Siletz Bay on 10/13 (DP).

     Waterfowl arrivals: RUDDY DUCK at Eckman Lake on 9/7 (L&LS), 
NORTHERN SHOVELER at Eckman Lake on 9/14 (L&LS), GREATER SCAUP and 
RING-NECKED DUCK at Idaho Flats on 9/26 (KM), BUFFLEHEAD at Eckman Lake on 
10/8 (L&LS), two male EURASIAN WIGEON at Idaho Flats on 10/10 (KM) and 
10/11 (P&MD), and a juvenile OLDSQUAW at Eckman Lake on 10/11 (RW).

     Female and immature COMMON MERGANSERS in summer can look very much 
like female RED-BREASTEDS, so it is easy to misidentify them.  
Consequently, it can be difficult telling when Red-breasted's first arrive.  
But a very diligent KM has been very careful in studying mergansers and 
identified three Red-breasteds at Sallys Bend on 10/10 by looking for the 
skinny bill with the nostril close to the head that identifies the 

several days in September at Yaquina Head (BLM; KM).  A flock of 10 
HOODED MERGANSERS was at the West Pond south of the MSC on 10/16 (PR).
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *
93.56                        RAPTORS-ALCIDS

     Latest reports: TURKEY VULTURE at Nashville on 10/7 (CP) and OSPREY at 
Newport on 10/18 (RB).

     The Hotel Newport hosted an accipiter convention with a COOPER'S HAWK 
on 10/1 and a SHARP-SHINNED HAWK on 10/3 (CP).  1-2 Sharpies were at 
Newport on 10/14 (CP), at the South Beach Peninsula on 10/16 (PR), and at 
Five Rivers on 10/22 (RL).

     Our first NORTHERN HARRIER flew over the MSC on 9/22 (TM).  Our first 
MERLIN was chasing a crow near Eckman Lake on 9/27 (DF), and another was 
over SW Newport on 10/5 (RB).

     A PEREGRINE graced Seal Rocks on 10/10 (KM) and Idaho Flats on 10/13 
(P&MD), and an AMERICAN KESTREL was at Yaquina Head on 10/18 (DD).

     A pair of GROUSE and a covey of QUAIL were found near Waldport on 9/24 
(LL).  About a half dozen MOUNTAIN QUAIL visited GS' home just east of 
Newport on 10/23, the first time she has seen them there.

     Our first AMERICAN COOTS were at Eckman Lake on 9/26 (KM), our latest 
PECTORAL SANDPIPER was at Eckman Lake on 9/27 (L&LS), and a ROCK SANDPIPER 
was near the LNG tank in Yaquina Bay on 10/25 (CP).

     GULLS hawking insects were noted south of Waldport on 10/10 (D&BM).

     DP found two FORSTER'S TERNS on the beach just north of Sandpiper 
Village on 9/9; his photographs allowed others to clearly see the 
distinguishing marks.  This is only our 10th record of this species for the 

     Another tern that is often missed, COMMON TERN, was detected at 
Yaquina Head on 9/12 (KMa), and our last CASPIAN TERN flew by Yaquina Head 
on 9/18 (BLM).

     This July-September, BL and S&DB found a grand total of only two 
beached HY COMMON MURRES along 4.6 miles of beach at Thiel Creek.  This is 
incredibly low as the fewest previously reported there since 1978 was 33 in 
1983 and the 1978-1990 yearly average was 421!  Who would have guessed that 
we would have about as many sightings of Ash-throated Flycatchers as living 
or dead HY murres this summer!
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *

     The first ANNA'S HUMMINGBIRD visited a Sandpiper Village feeder on 
9/12 (L&LS).

     PILEATED WOODPECKERS have been having a good fall showing with one 
near Toledo (B&VB) and Logsden (BLl) and a pair at Tidewater (DO).

     A flock of 23 COMMON RAVENS at Beaver Creek on 10/16 (LO) is a 
noteworthy County concentration; usually only 1-2 are noted, although some 
large numbers have been observed at our dumps.

     GRAY JAYS are often missed, but RL found two at Buttermilk Lake on 
10/2, BL watched three at Thiel Creek on 10/14 (BL), and PR noted one at 
Washburne State Park in Lane Co. on 10/25.

     TM was very lucky to see an AMERICAN CROW standing with its wings 
spread on an ant nest in Newport on 9/5.  "Anting" has been observed in 200 
kinds of passerines and is thought to be a way that they rid themselves of 
parasites in their plumage (p. 19-21 of Terres' [1980) Encyclopedia of No. 
American Birds).

     Speaking of missed species, an AMERICAN DIPPER was in the 
Siletz/Logsden area on 10/10 (BLl), in 1988, we only had four records of 
them for the whole year!

     A flock of 10 WESTERN BLUEBIRDS was spotted near Eddyville on 10/15 
(CP), and 30 CEDAR WAXWINGS were eating huckleberries south of Waldport on 
10/5 (D&BM).
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *
93.58                        SHRIKE-SPARROWS

     A juvenile NORTHERN SHRIKE was at the Nestucca Bay NWR on 10/20 (DP).

     EUROPEAN STARLINGS are certainly adaptable and the all-in-one bird.  
In Newport, they climb around in pine branches gleaning food like warblers 
or chickadees and walk on the ground picking at food like sparrows.  On 
several of our recent warm days, many have been catching swarming insects 
on the wing somewhat akin to swallows and flycatchers that have departed 
earlier and thus miss these insect swarms that occur every year on warm 
days in late September and October (RB)!

     A carefully observed PRAIRIE WARBLER seen south of Waldport on 10/5 by 
D&BM is our second record.  The first was on 27 September 1981, which, I 
believe, is also the only documented record for Oregon.

     Our latest YELLOW WARBLER was noted at the South Beach Peninsula on 
9/16, where a LINCOLN'S SPARROW was also present the same day (EH).

     Observers: Range Bayer, BLM at Yaquina Head (MN, GM, KMa, AP), Bob & 
Virginia Brayton, Sara & Don Brown, Don DeLisle, Pat & Meagan Dickey, 
Darrel Faxon, Ruth Goodrich, Eric Horvath, Lola Landis, 
Bob Llewellyn (BLl), Bob Loeffel, Roy Lowe, Kristin Mangold (KMa), 
Kathy Merrifield, Gary Meyer, Ruby Miller, Dawson & Bobby Mohler, 
Terry Morse, Michael Noack, Dorothy Olson, Laimons Osis, Chuck Philo, 
Dave Pitkin, Amy Price, Paul Reed, Gerti Schramm, Lloyd & Luella Seabury, 
Ruth Warren, Jean Weakland.

93.59                November 1993 Sandpiper 14(10)

    Abbreviations and Site Locations: Idaho Flats=large embayment just east 
of the MSC, MSC=Marine Science Center, Sallys Bend=large embayment east of 
the LNG tank at Yaquina Bay, Sandpiper Village=residential area west of 
HWY 101 and just north of Waldport, YBSJ=Yaquina Bay South Jetty.
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *
93.60                       PELAGIC BIRDS

     The ocean is vast and beside us, but we rarely have reports of birds 
that are out there.  TT is a commercial fisherman who observes birds while 
at sea, and the following notes are extracted from his Sept.-Oct. records 
off the Oregon Coast.  A very rare SHORT-TAILED ALBATROSS was 120 miles off 
the Umpqua River on 9/17.  Five BULLER'S SHEARWATERS were 11 miles off 
Florence on 9/4, three were 10 miles off Newport on 9/6, and five were 
80 miles off Yachats on 9/23.  1-9 POMARINE JAEGERS were off the Oregon 
central coast on 9/2, 9/3, 9/4, 9/7, 9/10, 9/11, 9/16, 9/19, 9/20, and 
9/21.  One LONG-TAILED JAEGER was 19 miles off Florence on 9/3; 2-5 were 
75 miles off Florence on 9/9, 9/10, and 9/11; and 10 were 110-120 miles off 
the Umpqua on 9/17 and 9/18.  XANTUS' MURRELETS are rare, but two were 
75 miles off Newport on 9/10, one was caught on the boat deck on 9/12 off 
the Umpqua, six were 90 miles off Yachats on 9/16, and one was 110 miles 
off the Umpqua on 9/18.
    Live NORTHERN FULMARS are often overlooked in Lincoln Co., so an 
injured one at the Yaquina Bay North Jetty on 10/22 is a welcome report 
(BT).  They are often found beached in winter, and five were beached in 
October at Thiel Creek (BL, S&DB).
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *
93.61                   CORMORANT-WATERFOWL

    DOUBLE-CRESTED CORMORANT flocks apparently migrating south were viewed 
on 10/31 and 11/6 at Newport (RB); such flocks have also been glimpsed in 
past falls.  Because these cormorants migrate in V's and lines, they can 
easily be mistaken for geese.

    On 11/10, RO received a telephone call that an unidentified heron 1/2 
the size of a Great Blue Heron had been at the Ona Beach State Park foot 
bridge for three days in a row, including the weekend of 11/6; RO & RB 
spent about 30 minutes unsuccessfully looking for it the afternoon of 
11/10.  On 11/11, DS and other Eugene birders identified a TRICOLORED HERON 
there (fide RK).  A flock of birders arrived by car, vans, and canoes to 
relocate it, and it was also found on at least 11/12 (fide CP) and 11/13 
(fide PR).  I've heard third-hand reports that a local fisherman said that 
the Tricolored had been there for several weeks.

    Our last GREEN-BACKED HERON report was for Eckman Lake on 10/13 (L&LS).

    TRUMPETER SWANS are rare in Lincoln Co., but RL was lucky enough to 
study an adult Trumpeter at Eckman Lake on 11/21 that conveniently 
trumpeted to confirm the identification.

    Eight TUNDRA SWANS flew upstream over the Yaquina Bay Bridge on 11/25 
(SG), and a flock also flew over Oregon Coast Aquarium the same day (SBl, 
fide BLl).  The next day, perhaps the same birds (seven adults and a 
juvenile) were at Alsea Bay (RL).  One was also at Eckman Lake on 11/28 (RL 
& JW).

     A flock of 12 BLUE-phase SNOW GEESE on 11/7 south of Waldport (D&BM) 
appear to be our first Lincoln Co. record of this form of Snow Goose.  Five 
GR. WHITE-FRONTED GEESE were at Eckman Lake on 11/26 (RL).

     EURASIAN WIGEON were at Eckman Lake in October (L&LS) and in November 
on 11/9 (RL) and 11/27 (SL).  Our first COMMON GOLDENEYE returned to Alsea 
Bay on 11/27 (SL).  One OLDSQUAW was at Boiler Bay on 10/16 (RH et al.), 
and two were at Yaquina Head on 10/24 (KM).  One male REDHEAD was at Sallys 
Bend on 11/7 (KM).

     A pair of HARLEQUIN DUCKS visited the Florence South Jetty on 11/14 
(AH), and Harlequins were at Seal Rocks throughout October (L&LS).
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *
93.62                            RAPTORS

     CH had a good 'look at a PEREGRINE FALCON in late November in Newport 
(fide DH); Peregrines were also at Yaquina Head on five days in October 

     A MERLIN scared birds in Newport on 10/8 & 27 (RB); another that was 
6 miles up the Yachats Valley on 11/9 (RL) was the farthest one noted 
inland this fall; and one was also at Alsea Bay on 11/12 (RL).

     Our only BLACK-SHOULDERED KITE was at the MSC on 11/16 (RO).  Three 
adult RED-TAILED HAWKS were screaming and displaying at South Beach on 11/7 

     On 11/23, an immature BALD EAGLE perched at the roost tree at Devils 
Lake where the pair of adults used to perch (RG).

     SHARP-SHINNED HAWKS hunted the Waldport area on 10/21 & 29 (L&LS), 
Seal Rocks on 10/31 (L&LS), the South Beach Peninsula on 11/5 (RL), 11/8 
(RH & HH), and 11/29 (PS, fide BLl).  Two COOPER'S HAWKS fought above a 
forest near Idaho Flats on 10/24 (KM), and one visited Sandpiper Village on 
10/29 (L&LS).

     NORTHERN HARRIERS have been scarce this fall, but one was south of 
Idaho Flats on 10/26 (P&MD).
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *
93.63                    SHOREBIRDS-HUMMINGBIRDS

     DOWITCHERS and GREATER YELLOWLEGS were at Eckman Lake, where they will 
probably winter, on 11/27 (SL).  Two LESSER GOLDEN-PLOVERS hung around 
Yaquina Bay on 10/22 (BT), 1-3 WILLETS foraged in the MSC Lagoon on 
11/7 & 21 (KM; SS & RB), two ROCK SANDPIPERS were at the North Jetty of 
Yaquina Bay on 11/7 (RH et al.), and our only RED PHALAROPES (2) were 
at Yaquina Head on 11/7 (KM).

     Four BLACK-LEGGED KITTIWAKES were at Boiler Bay on 10/16 (RH et al), 
and one was at YBSJ on 10/29 (BT).  HEERMANN'S GULLS dawdled into late 
October at Ona Beach (DD), but it is doubtful if you can find one now.  
Speaking of departures, our latest reports of CASSIN'S AUKLETS and 
RHINOCEROS AUKLETS were at Yaquina Head on 11/7 (KM).  Up to five
PIGEON GUILLEMOTS in winter plumage were regularly at Yaquina Head in late 
October (BLM; KM), and four ANCIENT MURRELETS were at Yaquina Head on 11/7 

     MOURNING DOVES left Sandpiper Village on 10/10 (L&LS).  On 10/22, DO 
was fortunate to see a NORTHERN PYGMY-OWL at her Tidewater home.  An 
ANNA'S HUMMINGBIRD frequented Sandpiper Village throughout October (L&LS), 
and a male was south of Waldport on 11/12 (D&BM).
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *
93.64              FLICKER-FLYCATCHERS

     A NORTHERN FLICKER altercation involved three males chasing each other 
from tree limb to limb in Neskowin on 10/26 (SS).  A female flicker roosted 
at night in a nest box at Depoe Bay for four nights in a row in late 
October, but then disappeared (DG).

       Several PILEATED WOODPECKERS were at the Valley of Giants east of 
Lincoln Co. on 11/13 (BLl & DH).

JJ & DB discovered a TROPICAL KINGBIRD that is rare in Oregon at the 
West Pond just south of the MSC on 11/7.  It appears to be our seventh 
record for Lincoln Co., and our first since 1990.

       S&OP beheld a SCISSOR-TAILED FLYCATCHER at Devil's Punch Bowl State 
Park on 11/11 (fide RK).  It was subsequently relocated on 11/12 (JJ & SJ; 
KP), 11/13 (CP; PR), 11/14 (PR; RO), and 11/16 (fide CP).  Evidently the 
bird was molting, as it had long tail feathers on both sides on 11/13, but 
only on one side on 11/14 (PR).  Although Scissor-taileds have been rarely 
noted in Oregon by single observers and not relocated, this appears to be 
the first one seen by many people since 7 May 1966 when JA and many school 
teachers saw one at Cape Arago Lighthouse in Coos County (1966 Audubon 
Field Notes 20:541).  The first Scissor-tailed was noted in Lincoln Co. on 
21 May 1986 (DR).
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *
93.65                     JAY-HOUSE FINCHES

       One GRAY JAY visited at Sandpiper Village on 10/8 (L&LS), and five 
were in the Yachats Valley on 11/13 (RL).

       On 10/15, three COMMON RAVENS flew over D&BM's home south of 
Waldport at 2O-30 minute intervals, and, on 10/17, a pair soared together 
there three times.

       A BROWN CREEPER roosted at night on SS' front porch in Neskowin in 
mid-November.  A flock of BUSHTITS at Thornton Creek on 11/9 was the first 
there in about three years (DF).

       VARIED THRUSHES arrive in fall at different times at different 
locations.  The first arrived at DG's Depoe Bay home on 11/6, and the first 
arrived at PR's Newport home on 11/25.

       A NORTHERN MOCKINGBIRD graced Yaquina Head on 10/3 (SG).  Single 
PALM WARBLERS were espied at Newport on 10/5 & 12 (RB), at the MSC on 11/8 
(RH & HH) and 11/12 (RO), and at the Toledo Methodist Church on 11/13 
(P&MD).  The last SOLITARY VIREO departed Toledo on 10/4 (J&DC), our last 
COMMON YELLOWTHROAT was at the MSC on 10/16 (RH et al.), and an 
ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLER lingered at the MSC on 11/8 (RH & HH).

       Often missed, SAVANNAH SPARROWS were discerned near the MSC on 10/7 
(EH), and a WHITE-THROATED SPARROW returned to South Beach on 11/3 (MH).  A 
SNOW BUNTING was at YBSJ on 10/22 8 23 (BT; fide RH) and just south of 
Siltcoos River (Lane Co.) on 10/28 (MP).

       The first fall WESTERN MEADOWLARKS arrived at South Beach Peninsula 
on 10/7 (EH); they were also seen there on 10/19 (EH) and 11/14 & 23 (BLl) 
and at Yaquina Head beginning on 10/20 (BLM).

       HOUSE FINCHES are very unusual at Thornton Creek, so a male there on 
10/22 (DF) is a rarity.

       Observers: James Anderson, Dave Bailey, Range Bayer, 
Scott Blackman (SBl), Sara & Don Brown, BLM at Yaquina Head (MN, GM, KMa), 
Jesse & Doris Crabtree, Don DeLisle, Pat & Meagan Dickey, Darrel Faxon, 
Don Gates, Steve Gobat, Ruth Goodrich, Mark Hedrick, Hendrik Herlyn, 
David & Cedar Hesse, Alice Hoffman, Eric Horvath, Rich Hoyer, Jr., 
Jim Johnson, Sheran Jones, Rick Krabbe, Bob Llewellyn (BLl), 
Sally Lockyear, Bob Loeffel, Roy Lowe, Kristin Mangold (KMa), 
Kathy Merrifield, Gary Meyer, Dawson & Bobby Mohler, Michael Noack, Dorothy 
Olson, Robert Olson, Katherine Peyton, Chuck Philo, Shirley & Otis 
Pierce (sp. ?), Melissa Platt, Paul Reed, David Robinson, Patty Shreve, 
Don Schroeder (sp. ?), Shirley Schwartz, Lloyd & Luella Seabury,
Terry Thompson, Bill Tice, Jean Weakland.

93.66                December 1993 Sandpiper 14(11)

    Abbreviations and Site Locations: Idaho Flats=large embayment just east 
of the MSC, Sallys Bend=large embayment east of the LNG tank at Yaquina 
Bay, Sandpiper Village=residential area west of HWY 101 and just north of 
Waldport, YBSJ=Yaquina Bay South Jetty, YJP=Yaquina John Point west of 
HWY 101 and just south of Waldport.
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *
93.67                      GREBE-EGRET

    Most of our EARED GREBE reports come from Sallys Bend, but KM carefully 
observed one in the freshwater side of Boone Slough, Yaquina Bay, on 12/5.

    BL and S&DB monitor 4.6 miles of beach near Thiel Creek for dead 
seabirds, but only 19 dead birds were found this November.  This included 
two white-phase NORTHERN FULMARS and two SHORT-TAILED SHEARWATERS; both are 
species that they often find in winter.

    Our latest BROWN PELICANS were four at Yaquina Head on 12/19 (KM), and 
our latest GREEN HERON was one at east Alsea Bay on 11/24 (L&LS).

     On 12/4, a juvenile GREAT BLUE HERON in a marshy field near Lincoln 
City caught something (perhaps a mouse or a frog), and an adult 
RED-TAILED HAWK stooped on the heron but was unsuccessful in its attempted 
thievery (MH).  GBH's can sometimes be seen here in fields "mousing" and 
using the same slow movements and patience in hunting mice that they do 
during fishing.  On 12/23, SS was treated to nine GBH's flying over her 
Neskowin (Tillamook Co.) home towards the southeast.

     A few GREAT EGRETS were noted at Yaquina and Alsea Bays, but two at 
Beaver Creek on 11/24 (JS) and one a mile south of Seal Rock on 11/26 (JS) 
are much more unusual.
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *

     These mergansers are too often identified by assumption.

     In late June through October, some birders often assume that they 
see Red-breasted's because mergansers in the lower bays look then like 
female Red-breasted's.  However, these birders aren't aware that female 
and/or immature Common's cannot be safely separated from Red-breasted's by 
plumage then the same way that they can in winter (e.g., Kaufman 1990 Am. 
Birds 44:1203-1205).

     During the summer and early fall, it is absolutely essential to 
carefully note bill shape and the positioning of the nostril to distinguish 
these two species because Red-breasted's are so rare then in Lincoln Co. 
that a Rare Bird Report Form needs to be filled out for any Red-breasted 

     In winter, we often assume that Common's are only upstream of River 
Bend in Yaquina Estuary and that any of these mergansers downstream of 
River Bend are Red-breasted's.  KM, however, has not only carefully studied 
these mergansers in summer, but this year she has been careful to look at 
the "Red-breasted's" in lower Yaquina Estuary, and, on 12/5, she found 
1-2 Common's scattered amongst the much more common Red-breasted's at 
Sallys Bend and near the bayfront.

     It just goes to show that birding by assumption is not all that it is 
assumed to be!

     Thanks, KM, for your careful observations!
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *
93.69               OTHER WATERFOWL-PHEASANT

     One TUNDRA SWAN lingered at Eckman Lake on 11/29 (L&LS).  The first 
BARROW'S GOLDENEYES were at Alsea Bay on 11/8 (L&LS), and they have been 
regularly noted there subsequently (JW; L&LS).  REDHEADS reside at Sallys 
Bend in winter (e.g., 40 on 12/19, KM), but they are rare elsewhere in 
Lincoln Co., so one at Eckman Lake on 12/4 (L&LS) is uncommon.  
EURASIAN WIGEON were often espied throughout November at Eckman Lake (L&LS) 
and Yaquina Bay (KM).

     In winter, accipiters seem to be much more common along our coast than 
inland, but this may simply result from more observers being along the 
coast, so a SHARP-SHINNED HAWK near Burnt Woods on 11/3 (EH) is a welcome 
report.  A Sharpie was also near YJP on 12/6 (D&BM) and at Yaquina Bay on 
12/19 (KM), and a COOPER'S HAWK took a European Starling at a backyard 
feeder in South Beach on 12/18 (MH).

     PEREGRINE FALCONS were reported at Siletz Bay (AC), Yaquina Head (BLM; 
KM), and the Newport area (EH; MH; AF; RB).  A MERLIN was in Newport on 
11/5 & 14 (RB), at Seal Rocks on 12/11 (ML), and south of Waldport on 12/6 

     AMERICAN KESTRELS were noticed less than Peregrines or Merlins, and 
our only report was for 1-2 at Yaquina Head during 10 days in November 
(BLM), where they seem to be wintering.

     A BLACK-SHOULDERED KITE at Alsea Bay on 11/7 (AC) is a rarity, while 
one at South Beach State Park on 12/23 (PR) is more expected.

     A male RING-NECKED PHEASANT was lost at the Drift Creek pastures south 
of Lincoln City on 11/26 (AC).
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *
93.70                  SHOREBIRDS-ALCIDS

     One TUNDRA SWAN lingered at Eckman Lake on 11/29 (L&LS).  The first 
BARROW'S GOLDENEYES were at Alsea Bay on 11/8 (L&LS), and they have been 
regularly noted there subsequently (JW; L&LS).  REDHEADS reside at Sallys 
Bend in winter (e.g., 40 on 12/19, KM), but they are rare elsewhere in 
Lincoln Co., so one at Eckman Lake on 12/4 (L&LS) is uncommon.  
EURASIAN WIGEON were often espied throughout November at Eckman Lake (L&LS) 
and Yaquina Bay (KM).

     A flock of 12 calling KILLDEER flying south over D&BM's home near YJP 
on 11/26 may have been migrating.  But some remained as JW saw 13 at Alsea 
Bay on 12/5.

     Three WILLETS were at Siletz Bay on 12/3 (MH), and four were at 
Yaquina Bay on 12/5 (KM).  A WHIMBREL at Seal Rocks on 11/29 (L&LS) is late 
for there, and one that may overwinter was at Alsea Bay near the boat 
docks/Lint Slough area on 12/5 (CP) and 12/15 (JW).

     ROCK SANDPIPERS at Yaquina Head are hard to see, but AF found four on 
12/19 when he went down the stairs to the tidepools and walked around the 
cove towards the Lighthouse.

     THAYER'S GULLS are often missed, but KM found at least three at 
Yachats on 11/21.

     At least 25 ANCIENT MURRELETS were at Yaquina Head on 11/21 (KM), and 
a RHINOCEROS AUKLET was inside Yaquina Bay on 11/28 (AC) and at Yaquina 
Head on 12/5 (KM) and 12/19 (AF).  1-2 PIGEON GUILLEMOTS were at 
Yaquina Head in Nov. (BLM) and early Dec. (KM).
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *
93.71                  OWLS-CORVIDS

     Our only SHORT-EARED OWL so far this winter was discovered over the 
dunes at YBSJ on 10/30 (AC), and a NORTHERN SAW-WHET OWL graced Cape 
Perpetua on 12/26 during Whale Watching Week (BB).

     ANNA'S HUMMINGBIRDS were appreciated at Newport (PR), South Beach 
(MH), and Waldport (D&BM; L&LS; JS; RL).  These "banana belt" hummers are 
usually only within a mile of the shore in Lincoln Co.  Near YJP, D&BM 
discerned at least four different Annas at their hummingbird feeders: two 
adult males often disputing territory, another probable immature male, and 
a female.  L&LS also noted three different color patterns of Annas at their 
Sandpiper Village feeder.

     Early reports for our miniproject to determine sex ratios of 
BELTED KINGFISHERS during November 1993-January 1994 in Lincoln County 
include 5 males and 2 adult females (RG; MH; JW; RB), with no kingfishers 
reported farther than two miles inland.  Please report the sex of any 
kingfishers you see in December or January, and, if you can, look to see if 
you can find any farther than five miles inland.

     A PILEATED WOODPECKER was hanging on a branch and eating blue 
elderberries near Burnt Woods on 12/3 (EH).

     15 COMMON RAVENS on 11/24 near YJP (D&BM) is a very large 
concentration for Lincoln Co.  Two GRAY JAYS explored Neskowin on 12/13 

     A WESTERN-SCRUB JAY made a foray into east Lincoln Co. on 12/19 (AF).  
We don't have any records for Scrub Jays in February, so keep your eyes 
open and perhaps you can fill a gap in the records!

     AMERICAN CROWS with some white feathers are sometimes noted, but RW 
was fortunate enough to take several excellent photos of them in September 
and October at Devils Elbow State Park in Lane County and share them with 
us; we had a chance to look at them during our December YB&N meeting.
*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *
93.72                BUSHTIT-GOLDFINCH

     BUSHTITS are nomadic and often not found at all, but this was a month 
when they arrived at several places.  They were at YJP on 12/6 (JW) and at 
Thiel Creek on 12/11 (RL).

     SS reports that the BROWN CREEPER is continuing to roost at her front 
porch in Neskowin, and that is our only creeper this month.

     A MARSH WREN was found at Beaver Creek on 11/23 (JS) and Eckman Lake 
on 12/3 (JW).

     Our first HERMIT THRUSH was detected at YJP on 12/2 (JW), and one was 
also there on 12/7 (AI).  The first VARIED THRUSHES at AI's home along the 
North Fork of the Yachats arrived on 11/29.

    Our last reported AMERICAN PIPIT flew over South Beach Peninsula on 
11/1 (EH).

    The only NORTHERN SHRIKE reported in Lincoln Co. so far this winter was 
one along the YBSJ on 11/26 & 28 (AC, RH, and others).

    AF hit it lucky for warblers at Yaquina Bay State Park on 12/19 with an 

    CP searched and found two SWAMP SPARROWS on 12/4 in Toledo behind the 
old Gas for Less Station near the intersection of north Yaquina Bay Road 
and the old HWY 20 loop; that area is a good one for sparrows, CP notes.

    A SNOW BUNTING was at the YBSJ on 11/26 & 28 (RH; AC).  
WESTERN MEADOWLARKS were viewed at South Beach Peninsula on 11/23 (EH) and 
12/9 (BLo), and one visited Yaquina Head on 11/12 (BLM).

    After last year's abundance of PINE SISKINS, this winter they have been 
uncommon, but two foraged at LL's feeder in Waldport on 11/20.

    JW reports that this winter AMERICAN GOLDFINCHES are abundant at her 
YJP feeders with 24-36 regularly seen and at least 90 on 12/15!  Last year, 
when siskins were abundant, goldfinches were far fewer.

    Observers: Betty Bahn, Range Bayer, BLM at Yaquina Head (MN, GM), 
Sara & Don Brown, Alan Contreras, Darrel Faxon, Anthony Floyd, 
Ruth Goodrich, Mark Hedrick, Eric Horvath, Rich Hoyer, Alice Ivey, 
Murphy Landels, Lola Landis, Bob Llewellyn (BLo), Bob Loeffel, Roy Lowe, 
Kathy Merrifield, Gary Meyer, Dawson & Bobby Mohler, Michael Noack, 
Chuck Philo, Paul Reed, Shirley Schwartz, Lloyd & Luella Seabury, 
Jamie Simmons, Ruth Warren, Jean Weakland.
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