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Yaquina Studies in Natural History (YSNH)(formerly Studies in Oregon Ornithology [SOO])

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SOO No. 1. Bayer, Range D. 1986. 1884-1923 Oregon Coast Bird Notes in Biological Survey Files. Studies in Oregon Ornithology No. 1. (0.86 MB)
SOO No. 2. Bayer, Range D. 1986. A Guide to the Bird Notes of Grace McCormac French of Yamhill County, Oregon. Studies in Oregon Ornithology No. 2. (0.57 MB)
* 1988 Oregon Birds article derived from SOO No. 2: Grace French's Arrivals and Departures in Yamhill County, Oregon. (10K)
SOO No. 3. Bayer, Range D. and Reed W. Ferris. 1987. Reed Ferris' 1930-1943 Bird Banding Records and Bird Observations for Tillamook County, Oregon. Studies in Oregon Ornithology No. 3. (4.23 MB)
* Also see The Yearly Cycle of Common Murres along the Oregon Coast. R. D. Bayer and R. W. Ferris. 1988. Oregon Birds 14:150-152. (Part of this article is based on Ferris' research. Ferris is now deceased.)
SOO No. 4. Bayer, Range D. and Roy W. Lowe. 1988. Waterbird and Mammal Censuses at Siuslaw Estuary, Lane County, Oregon. Studies in Oregon Ornithology No. 4. (1.48 MB)
SOO No. 5. Bayer, Range D. 1988. Oiled Birds: How to Search for and Capture Oiled Birds at Oregon Intertidal Areas. Studies in Oregon Ornithology No. 5. (0.93 MB).
* This monograph is outdated because governmental policy has changed. When this was written, oiled birds were mainly collected by private citizens, but, starting with the New Carissa wreck near Coos Bay in early 1999, collecting oiled birds is now supposed to be done only by those who have been contracted to do so by governmental agencies. This paper was in response to my involvement in the Blue Magpie wreck in November 1983--see the following paper for information about this wreck.
* A relevant paper is Changes in Waterbird Numbers Before and After the 1983 Oil Spill at Yaquina Estuary, Oregon. By Range Bayer. 1988. Oregon Birds 14(2):157-161. Article about wreck of Blue Magpie on 19 November 1983.
* Another relevant article article is: Sharp, Brian E. 1996. Post-release survival of oiled, cleaned seabirds in North America. Ibis 138(2): 222-228. From Abstract: For oiled Common Murres, post-release life expectancy was 10 days, and long-term recovery rates were 10-20% of those for non-oiled birds. Measures of survival were not greater for oiled birds treated in recent years with modern methods. The cost and effectiveness of rehabilitation efforts for oiled seabirds need to be reexamined in the light of results showing low post-release survival.
SOO No. 6. Bayer, Range D. 1989. The Cormorant/Fisherman Conflict in Tillamook County, Oregon. Studies in Oregon Ornithology No. 6. (1.45 MB)
SOO No. 7. Bayer, Range D. 1989. Records of Bird Skins Collected along the Oregon Coast. Studies in Oregon Ornithology No. 7. (2.88 MB)
SOO No. 8. Faxon, Darrel and Range D. Bayer. 1991. Birds of the Coast Range of Lincoln County, Oregon. Vol. I: Birds of Thornton Creek. Studies in Oregon Ornithology No. 8. (5.61 MB)
* For an update for 1991, see Birds of Thornton Creek, Lincoln County, in 1991. Darrel Faxon and R. D. Bayer. 1993 Journal of Oregon Ornithology 1:71-80. (48K)
* Faxon has also written a book: A Voice in the Wilderness: Economics, Biodiversity, and Man. 2000. Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15222. This book is also available from Faxon (541-875-2313; 1192 Thornton Creek Road, Toledo, OR 97391). In this book, he includes information about birds that he has seen at Thornton Creek as well as his outlook upon the environment. Darrel's other books are available at his web site. Also see his "Field Guide" articles for Oregon Coast TODAY.
SOO 9. Bayer, R. D. 2000. Cormorant Harassment to Protect Juvenile Salmonids in Tillamook County, Oregon. Studies in Oregon Ornithology No. 9. (0.34 MB)
YSNH No. 10. Bayer, R. D. 2003. Review: Bird Predation of Juvenile Salmonids and Management of Birds Near 14 Columbia Basin Dams. Yaquina Studies in Natural History No. 10. (2.86 MB)

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